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Andrea Hissom Biography, Age, Net worth, Career, Family


Andrea Hissom Biography, Age, Net worth, Career, Family

  Having a supportive wife and business partner is all a husband wishes for, a wife who will stand with him no matter what they are going through. And despite being…

Having a supportive wife and business partner is all a husband wishes for, a wife who will stand with him no matter what they are going through.

And despite being married to a controversial husband, Andrea Hissom doesn’t allow his controversies to affect her career. To know more about Andrea Hissom, read till the end of this article.

This article discusses the biography of British socialite Andrea Hissom who is married to an American billionaire, politician, casino mogul, and real estate developer.

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Andrea Hissom Profile Summary

Name Andrea Hissom
Age 52 years
Date of birth January 1, 1970
Nationality United Kingdom
Gender Female
Net worth $5million

Andrea Hissom Biography

Andrea Hissom was born on January 1, 1970, to Victor Danenza and Arlene Novack in the United Kingdom. Andrea’s father, Victor Danenza, worked as a British financier and was also an international wheel dealer.

Andrea’s father was reportedly known for pairing younger women with wealthy men. However, in 1976 Andrea’s father fled to France when he was accused of an unscrupulous transaction as a financier.

Andrea Hissom grew up in London, where she also finished her education and married her ex-husband Robert David Hissom in, her early 20s, an American Banker, songwriter, and singer.

In her early marriage, she had two children named Nick and Alex with her husband, but they later divorced. Fast forward to 2008, Andrea met her now husband, Steve Wynn, on the French Riviera when he was still married to his ex-wife Elaine. And in 2009, they started dating, got issues, and separated for a few months before they were seen together again at a romantic relationship party in 2010.

Nick Hissom is a renowned model and the founder of Aktion Art – you can find him on Instagram, @nickhissom. On the other hand, little is known about Alex Hissom.

A few months after Elaine and Steve Wynn divorced in 2011 due to a misunderstanding, Steve married Andrew Hissom. However, she became famous in her marriage to the billionaire after lavishly spending vast amounts of money at his casino, where he invited 1000 famously known guests.

And in 2018, Andrea’s husband, Steve Wynn, was accused of sexual harassment by female workers, which made him resign from his position and lose millions of dollars. Despite the accusations, Andrea still stands and supports her husband, although she doesn’t say anything about the allegations to the public — she stays muted.

Andre still works as a British socialite and has been featured in various entertainment and fashion industries.

Andrea Hissom Family

Andrea Hissom happily married Steve Wynn, an American billionaire and casino magnet. On April 30, 2011, they reportedly married, and after a couple of months, Wynn divorced his wife over some misunderstanding.

Andrea Hissom had two children with her ex-husband, Robert David Hissom. And recently she has lived with her family in Hertfordshire, England.

Andrea Hissom Net worth

There needs to be more information about how much Andrea earns being a socialite. But it’s estimated that Andrea Hissom’s net worth should be around 5 million dollars.

Andrea Hissom Social Media Handles

Andrea, the mother of two children, worked as a socialite and became famous after her marriage to Steve Wynn in 2011. However, despite her popularity in American society, Andrea Hissom and her husband, Steve Wynn, don’t have any social media handles.

Andrea Hissom’s life lessons

Being a socialite and married to a controversial man, a billionaire, and famously known, what are the life lessons to learn about Andrea in her marriage with Wynn?

1. Don’t Talk With the Public

When Wynn was accused of social harassment by his workers, Andrea didn’t talk with the public about her opinion. She chooses to be quiet throughout the period the allegations are going on and doesn’t cause a steer.

2. Be yourself and don’t be what the public defined

Despite her marriage with the casino mogul, billionaire, and businessman, Andrea keeps being herself and doesn’t let what the public says define her personality.

3. Be calm

Other women will divorce their husbands after such allegations of harassing female workers come up. And for Andre, she stays calm and doesn’t discuss the issue. And now, she’s still happily married to her husband.

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