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Twist Of Fate October 2022 Teasers

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Is it a win-win for Prachi this month as she overcomes all obstacles created by Rhea and Alia. Despite getting stabbed, Ranbeer sides with Prachi and tells Rhea she was a mistake. But how long will Prachi continue to hide her pregnancy Read twist Of Fate October 2022 Teasers

Twist Of Fate October 2022 Teasers

Twist Of Fate October 2022 Teasers

Saturday 1st October 2022

Prachi challenges Rhea that her honeymoon wouldn’t go as she expects. Pallavi and Alia celebrate. Rhea and Ranbeer’s car breaks down on the way to Manali, leaving them stranded. The driver asks Rhea and Ranbeer to push the car. Later, it is revealed that the driver was working on Prachi’s orders.

Sunday 2nd October 2022

Ranbeer and Rhea get stranded mid-way after the driver drives off. Later, they find another hotel, and Rhea shows the new room to Prachi over a video call. Rhea makes romantic advances toward a hesitant Ranbeer. Later, the police mistakenly arrest Rhea.

Monday 3rd October 2022

The inspector asks for Ranbeer and Rhea’s marriage certificate. After Pallavi douses Prachi’s vermilion in water, Vikram apologizes to Prachi and gives a warning to Pallavi. Prachi vows to wear vermilion only if Ranbeer puts it on her in Pallavi’s presence. She arrives at the police station with members of a women’s rights NGO and claims to be Ranbeer’s legal wife.

Tuesday 4th October 2022

The police officer threatens to arrest Ranbeer and his family. Prachi establishes the legitimacy of her marriage with Ranbeer. At Pallavi’s urging, Ranbeer applies the vermilion on Prachi’s forehead. Prachi gets Rhea arrested and Rhea vows to exact revenge on her soon. Later, Pallavi condemns Prachi for her actions.

Wednesday 5th October 2022

Rhea gets bail and returns to the Kohli house. Later, she follows Prachi to the maternity hospital, while Pallavi confronts Ranbeer. Rhea spies on Prachi and the doctor and overhears their conversation. Sahana saves the situation by stating that she is the one who is pregnant.

Thursday 6th October 2022

Rhea assumes that Prachi is pregnant with Siddharth’s baby and decides to bring the truth before the Kohlis. Later, Rhea vents to the NGO’s women about Prachi’s atrocities and falsely accuses her of being pregnant with an illegitimate child. The family celebrates Vikram and Pallavi’s wedding anniversary.

Friday 7th October 2022

Rhea eagerly awaits Prachi’s pregnancy reports. Pallavi and Alia malign Prachi’s reputation in front of the NGO members. Rhea spots Siddharth and Prachi talking to each other and clicks their pictures as proof of Prachi’s infidelity. A series of events cause Prachi’s pregnancy reports to get misplaced.

Saturday 8th October 2022

The doctor confirms Prachi’s pregnancy with Rhea. Later, Rhea declares at the party that she has a special announcement to make. Ranbeer asks Prachi to tell him about it before Rhea. The doctor lies and tells everyone that Prachi isn’t pregnant. the NGO’s women smear ink on Rhea’s face. Later, Prachi thanks the doctor.

Sunday 9th October 2022

Alia slaps Rhea after the latter insults her in blinding rage. Pallavi and Ranbeer rebuke Rhea for her allegations against Prachi. Alia slips a drug into Ranbeer’s thandai and he dozes off on Prachi’s bed. Meanwhile, the cops question Alia regarding a road accident.

Monday 10th October 2022

Later, Rhea tricks Pallavi and Prachi into thinking that she got intimate with Ranbeer. Rhea vents to Alia about Ranbeer’s advances toward Prachi. Later, Prachi chides Ranbeer for sleeping with Rhea. Alia and Prachi plot to put toxic colors on Prachi’s face during the Holi celebrations.

Tuesday 11th October 2022

Sahana rebukes Ranbeer for disappointing Prachi and teaches Malishka a lesson. Balwinder attacks Prachi, but Lakshmi from “Unfortunate Love” rescues her. Later, Balwinder and his men try to abduct Lakshmi, but Rishi and Ranbeer thrash them.

Wednesday 12th October 2022

Prachi questions Ranbeer as to why he got intimate with Rhea. Ranbeer enquires with Rhea about the same and she lies to him. Ranbeer thinks about the person who spiked his drink. While Ranbeer gets suspicious of Alia, Prachi goes to sleep in his room.

Thursday 13th October 2022

Ranbeer suspects Alia and scours Rhea’s room, but Rhea catches him. Prachi goes to Ranbeer’s room to speak to him, but they get into an argument and she slaps him. Sahana gets drunk after consuming a mysterious tablet. Prompted by Pallavi, Rhea moves into Ranbeer’s room, much to his worry.

Friday 14th October 2022

Prachi and Daljeet struggle to get Sahana sober. Ranbeer admits to Rhea that he does not want to share a room with her and that he loves Prachi, while Prachi overhears. Rhea vents to Alia about it. Rhea worries about Ranbeer’s distant behavior. Sahana tells Prachi about the pills that Rhea spiked Ranbeer’s thandai with.

Saturday 15th October 2022

Rhea jokes about Sahana’s supposed pregnancy during breakfast. Ranbeer tells Prachi that he likes to see her get jealous. Rhea asks Ranbeer to go with her on a date. Prachi admits to Rhea that she knows about her Mahashivratri ploy, and trusts Ranbeer.

Sunday 16th October 2022

Alia helps Preeti’s boyfriend, Nick, and earns his allegiance. When Ranbeer stands up in support of Prachi against Pallavi, Rhea talks about taking a desperate measure against Prachi to Alia. Rhea tells Alia that she wants Prachi dead.

Monday 17th October 2022

Rhea and Alia ask Nick to commit a murder. Nick and Alia get ready to drop the chandelier on Prachi by cutting its rope. Prachi trips Rhea and takes her seat beside Ranbeer during the puja. The chandelier falls, but Ranbeer spots it and rescues Prachi. Later, the police arrive.

Tuesday 18th October 2022

The police question everyone and affirm Ranbeer’s doubts that the culprit is a family member. Nick blackmails Rhea for his payment and threatens Prachi to stop Ranbeer from investigating further. The police search Nick’s house. Sahana follows Alia and Rhea while they withdraw money from the bank to pay Nick.

Wednesday 19th October 2022

Prachi assures Pallavi that she would never take Ranbeer away from her. Sahana learns the truth about the attack on Prachi. Daljeet catches Nick, but he holds a knife to Prachi, and Alia hits him. Sahana tries to expose Rhea and Alia, but Rhea renders her unconscious.

Thursday 20th October 2022

Ranbeer and Vikram tie up an unconscious Nick and wait for the police. A worried Ranbeer hugs Prachi. Prachi and Ranbeer spend some romantic moments together. Rhea and Alia try to help Nick escape, but almost get caught by Ranbeer. Later, Pallavi spots them.

More Teasers to be added soon…