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The step daughters on joy prime episode 5

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Mayumi and Luisa have dinner with Mum Baby and Sasha. They were happy that Mayumi was finally released from prison. Mayumi wanted to use the money they could have used for Isabelle’s settlement to plan a birthday party for Luisa but she refused. She said they would use it to pay Hernan back.

The Stepdaughters On Joyprime
The Stepdaughters On Joyprime

Hernan was preparing a cheque for Luisa and Mayumi when Isabelle went to his office to ask what he was up to. He said he was preparing for a client meeting the next day and Isabelle was glad to hear that he was not thinking about Luisa.
The following day, Hernan prepared breakfast for Isabelle but she asked him not to use that as a way to apologize to her for paying the damages to her car. Hernan gave her car keys to her new car instead and Isabelle was delighted. She refused to have breakfast and ran off to give it a test drive.

Since Luisa refused to have a party for her birthday, she and Mayumi decided to attend mass instead. Mayumi did her makeup before they went out and after going to church, they went to have some green mangoes. Sasha suddenly called to tell Mayumi that they had to head back home. When they arrived, Luisa was surprised to find out that they had prepared a party for her with Hernan’s help. Hernan said he wanted to do it for her since he still owed a lot to Mario.

Isabelle found out from her Aunt Daphne (also Hernan’s assistant) that he did not have any schedule at the work and had canceled all his appointments for the day. Isabelle was furious because no one knew where he was but someone told him that Hernan had asked them to look into an address in Bulakan. It was Luisa’s address so Isabell decided to go there.

Mayumi and Sasha left the party to buy some sodas and left Luisa to chat with Hernan. Hernan asked if the house they lived in was theirs but Luisa said it belonged to Mum Baby. She said that Baby helped them when they had nowhere to go and gave her a job at her beauty supply store. She told Hernan that they had a hard life but she was glad that she was able to send Mayumi to school to become a chemistry graduate. Hernan was glad to hear that Mayumi studied well. Luisa congratulated him on the success of his business but Hernan said he owed it all to Mario. Luisa asked why he said that and Hernan said that Mario believed in him and even saved his life.

Isabelle arrived at Mayumi’s house and caused a scene. She demanded to see Hernan but Mayumi stopped her and threw a bottle of soda at her. Isabelle retaliated by throwing water at Mayumi and they began fighting.

Hernan removed an envelope from his bag and was about to give it to Luisa but someone called to tell him that Isabelle went there. He said it wasn’t the right time for him to give the money to Luisa. Mum Baby then came to tell them that Mayumi was fighting with someone. Luisa got mad at what Isabelle did so he kicked her and Hernan out of their house. She told Hernan that he did not need to repay them for whatever debt she owed to Mario. Hernan left with Isabelle and was disappointed since it would be more difficult now to give Luisa the money.

Luisa and Mayumi talked about what happened and Luisa said she did not want to get involved with Hernan or accept anything from him. She found it suspicious that he was so nice to them and insisted on helping them out.

The following morning, Hernan went to see Mayumi and offered her a job as a lab analyst for his new product line. He learned from Luisa that she was a chemistry graduate and thought she was the perfect person for the job. Mayumi was delighted and wanted to accept but Luisa refused.

Mayumi went to apply for a new job and passed the interview since she was highly recommended by her professor. She went home to prepare her documents for the official appointment. Everyone was happy to hear that Mayumi got a job since they had just gotten a final notice from the bank to pay their loan or their beauty supply business would be shut down. Mayumi said she would use her first salary to start paying the loan.

The company that hired Mayumi was a supplier of Coco Line, Hernan’s company. Isabelle went to the office to talk about their new product and learned that they hired Mayumi. She told them that Mayumi had a criminal record and they had to fire her or Coco line would cancel their contract. The woman who hired Mayumi was therefore forced to fire her. Mayumi was devastated after what happened. There was still the impending loan payment so Sasha suggested that she accept Hernan’s offer.

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