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The blood moon on MaxTv Episode 20

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The Senator refuse to leave his mansion out of fear. Tristan told him that his safety was important so he should leave. Senator Mallari refused as he was bent on accomplishing his mission there before. He asked Prof T how the organization dealt with people with vampire experience who were living in fear. Senator also asked Prof T who was funding the course.

The Blood Moon max tv
The Blood Moon max tv

Prof T said he was chosen to lead, guide, and train the group to fight evil vampires. Senator Mallari referred to the vampires as bullies and Supremo had been able to conquer lots of leaders, making it difficult for the President to talk and take action against the vampires. He said that was the reason he was standing as the President to destroy the vampires and their works.

Tristan asked the senator to pardon his ignorance and explain to him who Supremo was. Elsewhere, Supremo was at the heat bar, drinking his favorite blood. He sent two girls to the Heat Bar basement one to basement two where the action takes place. They made merry and danced. Omar sent Miyo to the Heat Bar to see how Supremo does his things.

Miyo asked whether the humans at the bar knew the place was occupied by vampires but Omar said they did not. At Malolos Prof T told Tristan that it made sense to him now that the vampires had a leader, reason their steps were well calculative. Senator Mallari wanted to know the founder of the group and Prof T said as the Senator indicated earlier that it was difficult now to know one’s allies from their enemies, and it would be better if the senator did not know anything for his safety.

Senator Mallari was worried for their safety, asking them what if they died in pursuing their agenda. He made it clear that Supremo was very powerful and no one dared to mention his name. Prof T now explained that Moonchasers was an organization that had started to build a powerful force meant to combat the evil plots of vampires.

To that effect, he was chosen to guide and train the team so that they could fight against the vampires, adding that every single member of the Moonchasers committed to their objectives, and even if the vampires killed all of them they would pass down their skills to the next generation for the fight to carry on until all the vampires were gone.

“We are ready to die for everyone’s welfare and safety,” Prof T stated.

This commitment compelled Lauren to run off. Joey followed her and she told Joey that they should leave together since she did not want to become a hero who no one knew about for her to sacrifice her life for humans. Lauren cried and said when her grandmother died no one knew what k! lled her and she started searching for it which made her become a member of the group.

Lauren believed her grandmother would be proud of her but also believed her grandmother wouldn’t want her to die, the reason she was leaving. Joey said the group was fighting for mankind’s freedom so if leaving would make her feel okay then she could go. As Lauren went out of the building that evening, she had a strange feeling. She got scared and tried to return to the apartment but Chino grabbed her and escape with her.

At the heat bar, Omar sent Miyo to the down basement and in the elevator, he warned Miyo to stay with him when they get to that place, and once the elevator opens he should not talk so that he could witness the real Supremo for Miyo to know who he was fighting against. They went to heat bar basement two and saw how they were having fun. The guys and the ladies were having intimate moments while dancing.

A lady announced the surprise they had. For a moment, Miyo thought Omar has betrayed him and exposed his identity as Malia, yet she blindly trusted him. Finally, the surprise came as the light dimmed, blood oozed, and the vampires including Supremo bit every human. One tried to attack Miyo and Omar said he is for him. Supremo searched around if there was a mortal there and did not see anyone since Miyo was standing at Omar’s back.

Omar left the bar with Miyo. Meanwhile, Erin told Gael that he wished he was an ordinary human like those who came to pass and he did not know anything about vampires and wolves. Gael told him that those who passed by them were not humans but vampires. Erin asked what if they lose the fight against Supremo and suggested they joined Supremo but Gael said he tried that with a certain vampire who acted like Supremo before and it was a disaster.

Jake had a nightmare about his mother, she was seeking his help. Jake woke up in distress. Baristo was unhappy that Omar had to take Malia to the lair of the vampires. He tried to attack Omar for risking Malia’s life while he cleansed the blood on Malia. Malia said she wanted to go and questioned Omar about the reason he was once a Luna Soldier and allowed Supremo to risk others’ lives.

Omar indicated that for a long he has not questioned his morality. He asked the newly chosen one what he should do and she said he should help her get a job at the heat bar. Baristo did not like it and wanted someone else to be the spy due to how dangerous the place was but no one would fit except Malia.

Tristan called home and spoke with his grandfather. The next day, Doc visited Betty’s shop, unaware it was Doc, Betty asked what he needed and he told her that he needed one kilo of her l0ve and two kilos of her understanding. Realizing it was Doc, she smiled and wondered what he was doing there since they were now far from him.

Doc gave her a present he bought for her. Doc had missed Tristan and still did not know why he left Summer’s place suddenly. Betty said Tristan left the place due to Tristan’s enemy. Doc said Tristan had no enemy if there was something about him, that was his strange belief of the existence of vampires and claimed his father was k! lled by one.

Due to that, he said Tristan did online research on the medical creatures and even joined a group, Moonchasers in search of vampires. Betty was stunned, Doc asked about the actual thing that led to the death of Tristan’s father. Betty said Tonio fell off a cliff and Doc said he was right all along when he told Tristan that it was his imagination as a child.

When Senator Mallari was leaving with a convoy, something from the skies landed on one of their cars. They went to check and it was Lauren. Prof T charged the team to protect the Senator as the vampires were there.

Elsewhere, Gilbert Imperial through Youtopia, a technology business distributed books to children to help and solve their educational needs. Luningning Ramos was part of those who distributed the books.

Meanwhile, Madam Star came to the shop and saw a bad omen so she fled, leaving Betty so worried as Madam Star couldn’t tell them the exact issue whether it was Tristan or not. Betty tried calling Tristan but couldn’t reach him, making her more worried.

The vampires launched a surprise attack on the Moonchasers. They fought and Chino k! lled Joey. Tristan could not do anything than scream when the vampires strangled Rocky to death. Tristan was beaten mercilessly and began bleeding so Prof T came to his aid. He was also attacked by multiple vampires, leading him to fall. Rambo was the one on his feet fighting them off. Tristan recalled his father’s words and Miyo’s words.

Tristan stood on his feet once more to use his last strength to k!ll them one after the other while Adee was crawling. Realizing they might be defeated, they fled with Rambo and Rambo called Tristan for help. The already weak Tristan turned but there was another vampire about to attack Prof T so Tristan k! lled it and couldn’t save Rambo. Tristan fell, while his family and Miyo were worried about him.

Miyo asked about the last time they spoke with Tristan and Gabriel said the previous night. However, he sensed that Tristan was so worried about his speech. Later, the Moonchasers were in a van and Prof T told the driver to step on it and send them to their headquarters for him to save them all.

However, some were worried about Rambo who was taken away by the evil vampires.

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