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The blood moon on MaxTv Episode 12

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The blood moon episode 12

The next morning, Miyo (Malia) wakes up to breakfast served, Kuto complains about eating corn all the time and his mother “Dory” tells him not to worry because when school reopens they will get more money to buy other foods by selling their corn. Malia was amazed seeing their bond and Dory told her to have her food which she did.

The Blood Moon max tv
The Blood Moon max tv

As offered by herself, Malia comes to sell corn in front of SMV ( Supremo’s cooperation) she asked some of her customers about their boss and they told her they don’t even know who their boss is because he hardly visits. Malia heard some workers talking about a plan and not so long she saw Supremo coming from the office, she stared at him from a distance as he jumps into his car.

Tristan introduced his family to Doc who happens to show some interest in Betty. Tristan’s Aunt stops their conversation by asking them to go to work, she asked Tristan to ride the jeep, and he stood there a while recalling PT telling them everyone working for the moon chasers will be compensated as someone working in the military, he comes to his senses and leaves from there with the Jeep.

At the moonchaser’s meeting, they make plans to save the Gamer from the vampires. As they continue to share ideas, Tristan gives his werewolf fang to PT and he told him it was given to him by his father which made PT question him if his father was a LUNA but Tristan had no idea what Luna means.

After recalling how the vampires killed all the Luna soldiers, Erin goes to SMV to blow the place up but he was spotted by Malia and she knocks him out and drags him from there.

PT explains to the moonchasers what Luna Soldiers means, Luna’s are soldiers trained specially to kill evil vampires and they all make up their minds to continue the legacy of the Luna Soldiers.

Tristan’s aunt from the village “Betty” went to sell some stuff and came home complaining no one is patronizing her stuff so she decided to work together with Apple as laundry woman for Tristan’s bad aunt.

When Erin gained consciousness, Malia reveals her identity to him and asked him to join hands with her and plan on how to surpass Supremo by knowing his weaknesses and strengths.

In the woods, Gael remembered Fredrick telling them about calling for help from some wolf’s outside the country so Baristto decided to call for help from them.

Supremo’s party which is intended to turn the Gamer into a vampire is the next day so the Moonchasers decided to check the security at the venue if they would be able to get through during the party but they were denied entry. one of the girls brings up an idea and assign duty to each of the members.

According to Erin, there are only 2 Luna’s alive which is him and one other who has been turned into a vampire and was Malia’s grandfather’s friend. Malia believes he can help them and also told Erin that she can hear conversations from afar and they can make use of that.

At night, Jake leaves the woods whiles the others are asleep to look for Malia. Cattleya saw him leaving and goes after him but he was able to convince her that he will return after 3days and if he does not then it means he has lost all his abilities to fight.

Tristan and his Co moonchasers come to the the party organizers building. They start a fight to make way for the others to get access to the control room where they start their search for the invention/access pass to the main event tomorrow. They continue to f00l the security to get their way into the building and leave from there after Tristan saved the day by getting the access pass.

Doc continues to flirt around with Aunt Betty and also helps her with the laundry, Tristan’s aunties bring more clothes for them to wash.

Veruska is brought into Jethro’s cage where she was about to tell him something about Malia but he stopped her saying is not safe and it might be a trap to get info from them.

Veruska realized Supremo might be listening to them so she made it clear to Supremo by saying he can do whatever he want but won’t get any info from her and also can’t change the fact that Malia is alive. Supremo got angry hearing this and ordered his men to monitor them well.

Someone is seen setting behind a computer, but her face is not shown, she gets a call and the informant tells her he knows Supremo has planned something but he doesn’t know where and when.

Dory’s adoptive elder daughter is in labor and needs money for surgery, Kuto runs from the hospital in search of money to help his sister. On the other hand, Malia and Erin are walking on the road in the evening and she tells him about the new family she has made. Someone bumps into Erin and sees the bomb in his jacket, he shouts “is a bomb” which made everyone run from there, Erin runs from there as the police run after him.

Tristan went to withdraw cash for his Grandfather’s meds, Kuto sees him counting the money and asks him for some spare change, Tristan put the money in his back pocket and goes to his jeep to get him some coins but Kuto steals the money from his back pocket and runs from there.

Tristan realized and runs after him. Kuto comes across Miyo (Malia) whiles running and she gave him some money after he told her about the surgery, Tristan saw them talking and he concluded that Miyo and Kuto works together.

Kuto runs from there and Tristan runs after Miyo in a different direction, he got hold of her but they both fell into a pit that MadamStar (the fortune teller) saw earlier.

In the pit, Malia recognized Tristan and looks on shocked but he was not able to recognized her due to her disguise.

Kuto brings the money to his mother and when she asked him to tell her where she got the money from, he said Miyo gave it to him so Dory took it.

In the pit, Tristan blames Malia for stealing his money and she denied it. after a series of arguments, she promised to get his money for him once they get out of the pit and he agrees.

They decided Tristan should be the first one to get out of the pit and Malia offered her hand for him to hold on to but when she recalled the spark she felt in their previous encounter she stopped. After a while, she offered her hand and Tristan hold onto it but there was no spark this time. When Tristan got out, he run from there leaving Malia in the pit all by herself.

Malia still believes he will return if truly Kuto stole his money. It turns out Tristan is looking for a rope to help her out but when she returned he saw Malia jumping out of the pit in an odd way which made him wonder if she is a normal being or a vampire.

Jake is in town trying to track Malia’s scent, he heard a lady screaming in a warehouse and goes there to check. It turns out to be a group of vampires and they attacked him but he was able to run from there and they run after him.

Veruska wakes up feeling her son is in danger and she hears Supremo and his second-hand woman talking about getting hold of a werewolf, the episode ends with Veruska and Jethro looking on shocked as Supremo asked his woman to bring the wolf to him. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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