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Manit Joura ( Rishab) quits This is Fate for a period of 7 months

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Manit Joura, who portrays the character of Rishabh Luthra in zee world’s this is Fate, has put all the discussions to rest after he decided to quit the show. He has decided to leave the show after being a part of it for four years. Now, he has shared the reasons why he decided to quit the show.

Manit Joura ( Rishab)
Manit Joura ( Rishab)

According to the story line, he went to London after he discovers Shirlyn has been cheating on him.

The actor said that he has given his best to the show according to his ability. He said the decision to quit the show was an “impromptu” one and he did not think much about it.

According to a report in Etimes, Manit shot a 20-minute long sequence recently during which he decided to bid adieu to the show.

“I didn’t contemplate the decision but it was rather impromptu. In fact, I joined the show full-fledged after Prem Bandhan ended in June this year with a feeling that kin achha kuchh karenge. But over a while, I started feeling that I had given almost everything to the character,” Etimes quoted Manit as saying.

Manit said that according to the storyline of the show, his character Rishabh Luthra goes off to London to return to India after a few days. He felt that this was the correct time to make a graceful exit.

Manit added that the director of the series expressed shock over his decision to quit the show. Manit himself said that the portrayal of Rishabh has given him recognition and stability. However, it won’t do justice with the character to have him as he ‘won’t enjoy performing the part’.

In appreciation of the makers of the Kundali Bhagya, Manit said he has made some “great associations and indelible memories” on the show. He said that he is grateful to the makers for the opportunity.

Commenting on the future, Manit said, “I want to be known for my choices and the body of work I am doing and have been doing.”

But not for so long, after quiting the series in November 2021, Manit makes his comeback in April 2022. In an interview with Etimes Manit said,

“I didn’t want to get back to the show, but when I heard the script and the kind of changes that were made to the story, I couldn’t say no. In fact, I feel these changes in the story should have happened earlier. Had that been the case, I wouldn’t have quit. There’s a lot more to the story and my character has scope to perform, which is why I am a part of the show again. After I quit Kundali in November, last year, I worked in Naagin 6 and a few other projects as well. So it’s not that I didn’t have work on hand.”

For now zee world viewers won’t be seeing Rishab’s character for a while, but fingers crossed he is going to return in the next season.

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