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Imlie On Starlife, Tuesday 27th September 2022 update

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Aparna with Taiji waits for kids to return from school. Imlie drives rickshaw home with kids. Aparna asks whose rickshaw is this and why did she bring it here. Inebriated rickshaw driver enters and says she stole his rickshaw and didn’t even pay her money. Imlie tries to confront him, but Aparna stops her. Taiji pays him money and asks him to go now. He demands more money.

Imlie picks alcohol bottle from his pocket and says he drives inebriated, risked her and children’s lives and rammed rickshaw to a car. Aparna and Taiji take her in and lock door. Driver gathers his fellow divers and they all knock door demanding compensation. Adi drives home thinking Malini didn’t even call him once. Tauji and Pankaj hear door knock and ask what is happening. Aparna says rickshaw drivers. Imlie reacts, but they hold her. Pankaj and Tauji walk out. Drivers allege that their family girl stole their friend’s rickshaw and they need compensation. Adi reaches and asks them to behave with elders. They continue to allege. Imlie enters and taking Adi’s phone acts as complaining police and says driver drove rickshaw inebriated and risked her and children’s lives. Drivers police will arrest her instead. She says police will evaluate the issue and then arrest the real culprit. All drives escape fearing arrest. Family praises Imlie. Rupal asks why all problems fall on only her. They all walk in.

Adi asks Imlie to return his phone and asks Sundar to bring him tea as he is having headache seeing all the drama. Taiji gets worried. Aparna says looks like Adi and Malini’s fight hasn’t finished. Sundar takes tea towards Adi’s room when Imlie stops him and forcefully takes tea tray from him. She knocks Adi’s door and keeps tray on table standing outside. Adi says she did a good job today. She starts blabbering continuously as usual and says he gives her a long lecture when he scolds her and finished praising her in just 3 words. He scolds her to stop her drama and bring biscuits for her. She leaves. Malini enters. He thinking her as Imlie if she reached so early. Malini says she came just now and brought balm for him as maa told he is having headache. He says let him work. She asks if he is still angry on her. He says no and continues working. She reminds him that before marriage he promised to discuss their issues if they have any and not hide anything from each other, he is getting irritating so easily instead and not talking to her. He says she is blaming him continuously, but he needs to work and driver himself to office in the morning and not like her to just relax in car’s backseat and reach college. Imlie brings biscuits and hearing their conversation thinks a small spark is turning into fire, she needs to stop their fight somehow.

Sundar is busy grooming himself when Imlie enters. He gets afraid seeing her suddenly. She asks him to write a letter for him as family will identify her handwriting. He hesitates to write and reveals that he is illiterate. She laughs and asks then how did he blabber in English. He says he byhearted in city, but couldn’t learn to read and write. She says so what, he can learn as there is no age limit to learn, she will help him.

Malini asks why is he angry for a silly reason, she didn’t ask mom to send car. Adi says he doesn’t want to stretch the issue. Malini says he was getting late for office and she wanted to go on her own, mom sent her car on time, so what is wrong in it. He says only her mom helps as if nobody cares for her in this house. She asks what is wrong if her mom genuinely wanted to help her. Adi says since 5 years whenever he used to pick her up from home, her mom insisted to take her car, but she never did that and she took her help today. Malini asks why is his ego hurt with such a small issue. Adi continues that he is hurt as she hurt him today by accepting her mom’s offer, her mom always tried to prove that her family status is superior than their family status, his family will never complain, but as a husband he can complain her, etc. Malini sits sadly seeing his changed tone.

Daadi asks Anu to come and have dinner food with her and Dev. Anu says she will have it later. Daadi says she didn’t know Anu and Dev’s fight increased, she just wants to see her children happy being their mother. Anu warns her not to interfere between husband and wife. Malini enters saying she didn’t know her mother is such a big hypocrite, she doesn’t want daadi to interfere, but herself is interfere between her and Adi’s lives. Anu asks what did she do. Malini says she knows that Adi drops her to college, then why did she send her car without informing her. Anu says she is just concerned for her. Malini asks then why she doesn’t want daadi to show her concern. Anu says Tripathi family’s interferioty complex is making her fight against her mother. Malini says her in-laws are good and didn’t question her, else others would have created an issue. Anu continues shouting. Malini says Adi is nothing speaking to her because of her and cries hugging her. Daadi asks them to stop crying and asks Malini to return to Adi, speak to him and solve their issues. Dev enters and asks Malini when did she come and how is she. Malini says she is fine. He asks how is Imlie. Anu gets angry and shouts Daadi wants her to reconcile with a man who is worried for a maid more than his own daughter, he is tensed as he couldn’t meet maid today. Malini asks her to calm down. Anu says she will not and continues shouting.

Imlie writes a note. Sundar tries to help her. Imlie scolds him. He asks what is she writing. She shows a paper with note Come on terrace Adi and another with come on terrace Malini. He asks what are these for. She says she will call them up and reconcile their fight. Nidhi and Rupal walk to her and say they made all the arrangements on terrace. Imlie says they should do their job and leave rest to Seeta maiya. Adi in room thinks where did Malini go. Imlie slips a note under via door. He reads it and thinks who has done this as Malini wouldn’t do this childish act, must be Sunny and Tinkle, he will go up and find out. Malini returns home. Imlie slips a note in front of her. Malini picks it and thinking Adi wouldn’t do this walks to terrace. Adi and Malini seeing each other ask if they did it. Family walks in and Aparna says they did it as they can’t see them fighting. Adi fumes. Aparna says he acts as if only he is intelligent and others dumb in this house; they will support Malini as its not her mistake. Adi angrily tries to leave. Imlie stops him and asks him to read what Malini has written in her diary for him and then go. She reads a poem for him that he gets angry always and instead of getting her flowers and gifts he always throws fire from his eyes, etc., reminiscing Adi scolding her. Adi walks to Malini and apologizing her says he will never get angry on her. He hugs her. Family claps and whistles for him and walk away smiling. Adi then walks to Imlie and apologizes her for scolding her so much and even then she didn’t reaxct, he doesn’t want anyone to come between them, and hugs her. Imlie realizes she is imaginging this when Malini calls her and thanks for her poem as she didn’t write it. Imlie walks away nervously saying she just read it. Malini checks diary and finds it empty. Imlie rushes to kitchen and washes her face remembering her imagination, thinks she has gone insane and imagining things.

Malini sits on terrace reminiscing Imlie’s poem. Adi returns to her and sitting next to her apologizes her. He says its okay as he apologized even before. He says he didn’t agree that he is wrong and she is right, only she can understand that he took it on his ego. She says she asked mom not to send any gifts again. He says he can praise his wife though and he is surprised to see her writing so well and felt proud of her as he saw himself via her eyes for the first time, she expressed many times that she loves him but didn’t once in this poem, but he loved it a lot and loves her for this. She asks him to change and walks away. Adi thinks he cannot understand women at all. Imlie prays god not to put in this problem. Malini walks in and asks what problem. Imlie nervously says its about Tauji taking her maths exam. Malini says diary is blank, so she read poem instantly. Imlie says its a folklore song which she recited, she just wants Adi and Malini to be happy, and walks away nervously.

Family ladies are busy cooking when Adi walks to them and informs them that his editor is coming home tonight for dinner and asks Malini to prepare choc cake as editor liked it. Malini agrees. Imlie enters with milk glasses. Malini rushes out hearing her fearing milk. Imlie walks in and asks where did they go. Rupal says they ran away fearing her milk. Imlie says she will stand at door next time. Aparna informs Imlie that Adi’s boss is coming tonight for dinner. Imlie says he must be more stubborn than Adi. Aparna says he doesn’t compromise on news and prints only truth. Imlie says she will welcome him in her style. She then goes to kitchen and sees Sundar preparing pizza and jokes on him. Aparna informs her that Adi wants her to prepare fat roti for his boss. Malini returns to prepare cake. Imlie continues her jokergiri. Aparna tells Malini that Imlie prepares best fat roti and only she knows how to prepare it. After sometime, door bell rings. Taiji applying face pack thinks Adi’s boss came early and asks Imlie to open it. Imlie opens door and seeing a saint couple confuses them as Adi’s bosses and greets them in. They think everyone insults them, but this girl is respecting them well and they will get good charity from this house.

She returns to them and says family is eager to meet them and asks what would they like to have. They say anything she likes. She searches for food and sees Malini’s prepared cake