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Anupama on starlife, Wednesday 21st September 2022 update

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Anupama and Vanraj eagerly wait for dance academy and cafe clients. A man enrolls his daughter in Anu’s dance academy. Vanraj feels happy for Anu. Parents continuously enroll their children in Anu’s academy. Anu asks them to sit in cafe until formalities are completely, but they deny. Kavya complains Vanraj that Anu is getting many admission but didn’t divert even a single customer to cafe. Vanraj says she cannot force customers at gunpoint.

anupama series
anupama series

Toshu tells Kinjal that he needs to talk to her. She says she is already tensed without a single customer in cafe. He says she knows he wants to talk, but she is avoiding him purposefully. She says when he knows, he shouldn’t force her. He gets a call and leaves saying he will speak to her later. In the evening, Kavya yells that not even a single customer visited till now and hence instead of wasting time, they should return home.

Baa asks her to go home if she wants. Anu tries to calm down Kavya and says customers will visit. Kavya yells that she is acting as if all the tables are full with customers. Anu gets an idea and asks family members to sit on every table mimicking a customer. Kavya continues yelling and challenges that even if a single customer comes, they can change her name.

A young couple walks in seeing the new place. Anu and Vanraj greet them. Kinjal asks Kavya should she change her name to champakali. Couple asks menu, and the girl orders keto burger. Vanraj says they have cheese burger. Girl asks if they don’t have keto burger and tries to leave. Kavya yells. Vanraj stops couple and asks chef to prepare keto burger soon. Chef says he doesn’t know. Anu rushes to the kitchen. Kavya yells if she knows anything than theplas. Vanraj asks if she knows to prepare keto burger. Anu says she prepared it for Pakhi’s birthday during her birthday and prepares one. Vanraj serves burger. Girl asks what was it. Kavya tries to humiliate Anu again. Girl says its heaven, a perfect combination of taste and health and asks to get 1 more here and 6 parcels. Family gets happy hearing that. Anu prepares burgers and packs them for customer. Customer says chef rocks, pays, and leaves promising to refer this place to her friends. Family rejoices. Vanraj gives his cafe’s first earning’s credit to Anu and family praises Anu. Jealous Kavya yells they should close the cafe before they are fined. Bapuji corrects her. Mamaji jokes as usual. Vanraj tells Anu that he earned 1300 rs on his first day and insists to reveal her earnings. Anu says 6500 rs. He says he should steal it then, offers friendship and says they were together for 25 years, but he realized the meaning of friendship now. Anu laughs.

Next morning, Kinjal is busy in phone call meeting when Pakhi asks Samar to serve her breakfast. Their argument starts. Baa warns them to stop as Kinjal’s meeting is going on. Kavya says she will prepare her breakfast. Pakhi thanks her. Vanraj introduced Bapuji wearing a safari suit. Mamaji jokes he looks like his jijaji. Bapuji says yadon ki barat, I am your jijaji. Family gets happy seeing his new avatar. Baa says he wore this suit on his retirement day and returned home wearing a felicitation garland and wall clock gift. Anu describes how he used to repair the clock. Bapuji speaks emotionally. Kinjal tells Vanraj that he will visit cafe after her office hours. Vanraj nods okay. Toshu calls Kinjal and informs that Rakhi invited them tonight for dinner and insists. Kinjal hesitates at first, but agrees and informs Vanraj. Vanraj permits her and asks Kavya to accompany him to cafe. Kavya yells that he should take Anu’s help as she can help him in kitchen and boost his morales.

Kavya tells Pakhi that she is to help her. Pakhi tells Vanraj that she needs Kavya there. Vanraj says okay. Vanraj and others leave. Anupama tells Vanraj that today will be better. Vanraj is little tensed. She tells him to take a deep breath and motivates him. At home, Baa tells Pakhi to show her anger, but don’t insult Anupama. She tells Kavya that she can improve her relation with Pakhi without spoiling Pakhi and Anupama’s relation. Baa says that she knows they both won’t listen to her, but it was her duty to make them understand. Pakhi and Kavya both say sorry and assure that they won’t repeat it. It turns out to be Baa’s imagination. She tries to talk to them, but fails as they get busy in other things.

Vanraj is waiting for customers. Anupama confirms with Samar that he had informed his friends and tells him to send a reminder in afternoon. The same customer as yesterday comes and orders a cappuccino. Anupama gets happy seeing that. Anupama and Vanraj keep looking at each other.

Baa is making a fancy dish. Pakhi comes with her friends. Kavya goes to meet them. Baa is not able to concentrate in noise. Pakhi praises Kavya to her friends and say she is going to teach her dance. Friends say, but her mother was going to teach her, right? Pakhi says that she doesn’t have time for her. Baa interrupts because she has to manage house, go to school, still she was going to teach dance to Pakhi, but Pakhi wanted to learn from Kavya. Baa tells Pakhi to tell the whole truth. Kavya says she will get cold drinks to change the environment. She tells Pakhi not to spoil her mood, today they will enjoy a lot.

Vanraj is still tensed. Mamaji asks what’s the matter. Vanraj says only one customer came since morning. Mamaji says once business takes off, it will be unstoppable. He gives Anupama’s example that she also had only one student when she started dance lessons. Vanraj says that he knows he needs to have patience, but Anupama didn’t have any investment. Mamaji says they can only hope for the best. Vanraj fears that Kavya’s words may come true. Anupama sees him tensed.

Kavya is busy with kids. Baa calls her and asks whether she will give them any food or not. They came straight from school. Kavya says of course. Baa tells her to go to kitchen and prepare something. Kavya goes.

Anupama brings her students’ parents to the café. Samar says they have best latte and masala chai. Mamaji gets a phone order as well. Vanraj gets happy seeing such a big order. He asks who ordered. Mamaji forgot name, but says their driver will pick up. Vanraj starts preparing the order.

Baa spreads good words about the café to other ladies and says no one will stare at them there. Ladies decide to check out the café.

Vanraj is waiting for the driver to come and pick up the order. Samar and Anupama come there. Vanraj says it’s been 30 minutes, still driver didn’t come. He says parcels will be wasted if customer doesn’t come. Just then driver comes and Vanraj is relieved.

Vanraj, Anupama, Samar, Mamaji return home. Anupama, Samar, Mamaji see burgers and stuff and are shocked seeing that the big order was made from the house only. In flashback, the driver tells Vanraj that he is sent by Pakhi and she said there is no need to pay.

Pakhi sees Vanraj. She hugs him and tells her friend that she told them that her father’s café is the best. Kavya says she was going to make food by herself, but then she thought to order from Vanraj’s café only. Pakhi’s friends praise the food.

Baa asks why they didn’t finish it then. Kavya tells them to take leftover to their home, but they say no. They say they will tell all their friends and relatives about the café and leave. Pakhi tells Vanraj that her friends loved the food so much. Now whenever they come, same order will be repeated. Kavya supports Pakhi while Anupama is not happy. Anupama asks whether any food is untouched. Pakhi says they tasted everything. Anupama asks what they will do with the left order food.

Pakhi says that she doesn’t know, they can eat. Anupama asks Baa and Bapuji will eat that? Pakhi says that they can throw it in trash then. Anupama looks in disbelief.