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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Wednesday 14th September 2022 update

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Episode starts with Ranbir telling Pallavi that if he had known what is going on in Prachi’s mind, then he would have…Pallavi asks him to stop it and asks until when you will hurt Rhea’s heart. She says until when you will be move like pendulum and asks him to leave what is in her heart, but see what is in her mind. Ranbir says I saw how she had done misbehaved talk with you, and how she threatened you. He says she didn’t come to love me, but to take revenge on us.

Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

She says he came to make our life difficult, but I am not getting much angry on her, as I am getting on Rhea. He asks what was the need to do forged signatures? Rhea says I shouldn’t have done that, and did what I feel right, I didn’t plan it. He says even Prachi haven’t planned, and says if she had planned then you would be behind bars, and my photo would have come in the newspaper with the headlines that Ranbir Kohli has upgraded in his personal life as well, that he has two wives. He says didn’t you think once, that if you get caught and if Police had verified then you would get caught. He says did you think about family reputation, you and me. Rhea shouts Ranbir. Ranbir says this all happened due to you and you can’t give any explanation for this. He is about to go. Rhea asks where is he going? He says he is going to room to get his laptop and complete his pending work. He goes.

Pallavi asks Dida if she got happiness, by supporting Prachi. Dida asks what did I do, I had told truth that Ranbir and Prachi got married in the temple. She says Prachi doesn’t need any support and she is changed now. She says Rhea, whom you both are supporting couldn’t prove her lie also. She says if your circus is over, we shall sleep. Rhea asks what do you mean that Prachi is changed. Dida says whoever gets to know the truth, they become either sadhu or shaitaan. Rhea gets upset.

Prachi looks at the flower on the bed, and recalls his words. She picks Ranbir’s photo frame and says what was my mistake, that I loved you more than myself. She says you have betrayed me and says in our marriage, planning and plotting was there. She says when Sid told that you want to get rid of me, I couldn’t believe it. She says when I saw you filing Rhea’s maang with sindoor, I couldn’t bear it. Dida goes to room and thinks she can’t bear this happiness. She takes out Prachi and her photo frame and says I waited for you much, God heard my prayer. She says I knew that Sid and you can’t do anything wrong. She says I knew that Ranbir will not remarry and thinks now happiness will come. Prachi says I came to snatch your happiness, and asks why did you act to love me, you wanted to stay with Rhea and took your Mummy’s name. She says you brought me here with the promise, but you lowered me in everyone’s sight. She says I am angry on you and Rhea. She says I will not be at peace, until I snatch your peace and happiness. She says I will never tell you, that I have your baby in my tummy as I don’t know what to call it, our love child or…She says you have made fun of my love and now you have to pay the price for it.

Ranbir comes there. Prachi asks what is he doing here? Ranbir says I came to keep your bag. Prachi says I can bear my own burden myself. He says you can do so much, I saw that and thanks her for not sending Rhea to jail. Prachi says else your newspaper would have been published in the newspaper, that you have two wives, one real and one fake. He says you have assumed before I could say. Prachi says you have assumed too. He says I have seen with my eyes. He says I haven’t come for old things. Prachi says I have already heard enough, nothing is left. Ranbir says there was so much left in my heart for you, but it is all gone. Prachi asks didn’t you like this Prachi. He says you are not the Prachi, whom I know. Prachi says you have snatched my Ranbir from me, I have snatched your Prachi from you, now calculations are settled. Ranbir says you have become so sure about calculation. Prachi says I came to settle the scores and came to give answer for playing with my life. She says I will get peace seeing tension on your face. He says you have changed so much. She says I have changed to take revenge for what you and your Rhea have done with me. Ranbir asks and what about you have done with you. Prachi says I got hatred inexchange of love and says you will bow as you sow and asks him to get out of her room. He says your room. Prachi says it is my room, I came here after marriage. Ranbir says even I had come here with you. Prachi says you have changed the relations, don’t think of throwing me out from here. Ranbir says you went from here yourself. Prachi says you didn’t stop me. I thought you will bring me back. He says I thought you will come back. Prachi taunts him for marrying Rhea and asks how did he feel giving her Kumkum to Rhea. Ranbir says I felt the same, like you have felt giving my love to someone else. Prachi is shocked and looks at him. They look at each other. Song plays…ya rabba.

Rhea is in another room and tells Saina that this is all what I get. She says Prachi took my Suhaagraat wala room, and what I get, this guest room. Saina says where Ranbir will stay. Rhea says here. Saina says Ranbir is Prachi’s husband, as their marriage is proved. Rhea scolds her and says he is my husband. She asks about her clothes. Saina says it is in Ranbir’s room. Rhea goes.

Ranbir takes his laptop and is about to go, when Rhea comes there. She asks what are you doing here? Ranbir says I came for my work. Rhea asks personal or office work. She asks why did you take so much time to take laptop. Prachi says he saw me before laptop and we had talked. Rhea asks what they were talking. Prachi says it was between husband and wife. Rhea says I can go anywhere, and asks him to say. Prachi asks Ranbir to say that Rhea can’t come to her room. Ranbir goes. Rhea says I came to get my jewellery and night dress. Prachi says whatever you need, take it and leave fast. She says I am suffocating. Rhea says this is my room. Prachi says this will be my room only, your elder sister. Rhea says I don’t regard you as my elder sister. Prachi says atleast you regard me as this house bahu. Rhea says I am Ranbir’s wife. Prachi says crow doesn’t become peacock with peacock feather, it remains crow and not peacock. She asks her to become her sautan and don’t expect more than this. Rhea says I have convinced Ranbir to marry me and asks what you can do, when we are ready. Prachi asks didn’t you see that your marriage is cancelled. Rhea says my marriage is done. Prachi asks on what basis, and asks if she got her marriage certificate done. Rhea says my marriage haven’t happened in the temple, but infront of everyone with all the rituals, I don’t need marriage certificate. Prachi says forget all the rituals, as everything will change and there is a stay on your marriage, as the real bahu returned here in this house. She asks her to see the dreams with closed eyes, and don’t see with open eyes else you will see me. Rhea asks what should I do, shall I get afraid of you. Prachi says you shall be afraid after doing so much crimes, and are afraid with punishment. Rhea asks what did I do? Prachi says you have married my husband? Rhea says Ranbir has married me and asks her to call him, her husband, but if he will regard you as his wife. Prachi says I don’t care and says I haven’t come here to play ghar ghar, but to punish Ranbir and you.

Ranbir says I am trying to sleep and you are disturbing me. Prachi says your photo is disturbing me. She says she has problem with his smile in the pic and says you are laughing at me. He smiles and says you had brought this frame and told me that your day passes seeing it, and says it is tragedy that you are moving it. Prachi says you have kicked me out from your heart and life. She asks did you celebrate? He asks her not to keep his stuff here and there, and says I will get it when you leave.

Ranbir telling Prachi that he will not get his stuff when she is gone. He then says that if she can stay if she wants, ad says you can do anything. Prachi says you can’t say this. Ranbir asks did I ask you to leave from this house. Prachi says you have said. A fb is shown. She tells that it was order for me to leave, when you have ended your relation with me. He asks when did I ask you? She tries to take out the frame and hits hammer on the nail, but hits hammer on her hand accidentally. Ranbir gets concerned for her and brings medicine box. She asks what are you doing? He says I don’t want you to wake up for this medicine box, and says then my sleep will be disturbed. She says I have to take care of myself, so that I can take care of my loved ones. Pallavi looks at Ranbir and Prachi from the window as he applies ointment on her hand. Prachi asks did you notice change in me? He says no change, you are same. Prachi says she has become stronger and doesn’t get affected by any pain. Ranbir says I do care. He says there is a change, you are mental, who cares about someone’s photo. She says I have problem with your smile. He says I will give the solution and covers his photo frame with the cloth. He says now you can’t see me nor my face, all Ranbir is not infront of you. She says yes, you are not infront of me. He says there was a light in your smile before and now there is a irritation and defeat in your smiles. He says you are scared and looking defeated. Prachi says history is witness, I took the wound on my heart and these eyes saw which this world is afraid is see. She says she got betrayal instead of love, and that’s why she thought to match her steps with others, else betrayal people might go ahead and I will be left behind.

He walks towards her and tells that you will stop yourself from loving me, but how you will stop your heart beat which is telling me your heart condition. He says you hate me so much, then why did you come to me. Prachi says you don’t matter to me. Ranbir says why you was separating Rhea and me. Prachi says I wanted to trouble Rhea and you. Ranbir says but you was worried yourself and your eyes were filled with jealousy. She says I won’t let that happen, what you wants. Ranbir says whatever I do, I will do. You can trouble me, but I will be ready to give you an answer. He says he is an extremist. Prachi says I know you and your limits. She says I don’t know what limit I have crossed to come here. He says lets see, if you will cross your limits, or if I make a new limit infront of you. Prachi says this will be enjoyable. Ranbir says very much.

Pallavi thinks don’t know why Prachi came? She thinks if she came to trap Ranbir and thinks before she shows her colors, Rhea and Ranbir have to take their married life ahead. Prachi breaks the decoration in her room and feels pain in her tummy. She cries and says I am sorry my baby. Ranbir wakes up hearing her. Prachi says I am sorry and takes Ranbir’s name. Ranbir comes out to her door and keeps his hand on the door. Prachi also keeps her hand on the door. Song Main Kamli ban….plays…..She says everything is fine. Ranbir sits outside the door. Prachi sits inside the room, near the door.

Rhea wakes up and thinks she will not get sleep here, she shall go to her room and sleep. Ranbir thinks if I am angry with Prachi or not. He thinks she is showing so much attitude to me, and thinks to control her emotions, show her anger and don’t be good to her. Prachi thinks why am I getting weak for Ranbir. She says I had come here for my baby, but Ranbir wants to be someone’s husband. Ranbir says just the judgement will happen. Rhea comes there and finds Ranbir sitting down near the door. She asks what happened? Ranbir says I was tying the shoe laces. Rhea says you are not wearing the shoes. Ranbir says he came here while dreaming and was tying shoe lace in dream. Prachi comes out and asks what you both are doing here? She asks them to go and sleep. Ranbir goes. Rhea says since you came, how my night can be good. She asks her not to snatch her happiness from her. She says she is now married to him. Prachi says the happiness which you have snatched from me. Rhea says I will make sure that you will leave the house from here. Prachi says you want me to do what you say. Rhea says I asked you to sacrifice your love for Mom and Dad. Prachi says then Ranbir married me. She says you have blackmailed me, but I have won. She says you people have thrown me out from here, but I have returned. She says the start will be with you, and asks her to pack her bags, as it is enough of her stay in others’ house. Rhea says you seems to be in dream. Prachi says you will be kicked out from here in three days. She says it is your decision, how you will stay here for three days. Rhea says my roots are stronger here, and gives her three days to leave. Prachi says you can’t even touch me, I am the only bahu of the house and is very stronger. She says I have made lakshman rekha for myself and nobody can kick me out. She closes the door. Rhea thinks Prachi is changed, I have to change my game plan, tomorrow will be mine.

Rhea wakes up and thinks today is the new morning, I will make everyone believe that I am the good bahu, and everyone will praise me, so that Prachi leaves from here. Someone knocks on the door. Prachi wakes up and gets up. Ranbir comes inside. She says you, this is my room.

Ranbir says this is my room. Prachi says I have taken the room, as I know that if someone is snatching your rights, you shall get it back. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.