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My heart knows on zee world, Saturday 17th September 2022 update

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Episode starts with Anupriya thanking Ganapati bappa for helping Godaveri choose the way, and asks him to make every way easy for her. Sarthak comes there and gets thinking. Anupriya asks what happened? Sarthak tells that they have solved one daughter’s problem, but what about other daughter. He tells that he feels that Kalyani and Malhar’s relation suffered due to Ajinkya’s matter, before Mahika’s matter and your illness. He says we shall make them understand to give time to each other.

My heart knows series
My heart knows series

Anupriya says ok and tells that they shall do something that they shall spend some time together. She smiles. Malhar comes to the room and calls Kalyani. Kalyani asks if Akshay is found. Malhar says he will catch him just as he switches on his phone. Anupriya and Sarthak come there and blind fold them. Kalyani and Malhar ask what are they doing? Anupriya and Sarthak say that they will tell. They take them from the room to the decorated hall and then asks Malhar and Kalyani to remove the blindfold after counting 3. Malhar and Kalyani open the blindfold and see the decoration. Malhar says it is Kaka’s idea, he is more romantic. Kalyani says it is my Aai’s idea and tells that she is more romantic. They have an argument. Kalyani says she is going to her Aai to thank her.

Malhar pulls her and dances with her, while the song I love you plays….Anupriya comes there and says sorry to disturb you, but Ajinkya has some information about Akshay. Ajinkya says Akshay is going to Australia within 2 hours. Malhar says he will ask Police to check at every places. Ajinkya feels apologetic from his brother’s side and tells that he wants to apologize to Shilpi. He comes to Shilpi and apologizes to her for his brother’s doings and says Malhar and Kalyani will get him arrested and also punished.

He asks her to forget and move on. He holds her hand sensually. She realizes his touch and gets scared, says you are….He says I am Akshay. Shilpi gets scared. He recalls Godaveri threatening to kill him, when he takes unconscious Ajinkya out and pretend to be unconscious and behaves like Ajinkya. He says Malhar and Kalyani thought that Ajinkya had gone to meet Aai, but it is me.

Shilpi is shocked. He says Aai and I are fooling Malhar and Kalyani together. He says they feel that Ajinkya went to meet Aai, but it is me. He recalls and a fb is shown. He tells Indu that their plan is successful. Shilpi tries to call Malhar, but he stops her from shouting and tells that Kalyani’s smartness will trap herself.

Kalyani, Malhar and Anupriya come to the place where real Ajinkya is standing. Malhar aims gun at him. Ajinkya gets shocked. Malhar beats him for ruining a girl’s life. Media comes there and tells that Commissioner is beating an ordinary guy. They accuse Malhar for beating Godaveri’s husband. Anupriya says call the ambulance. Kalyani says we got information that Ajinkya’s twin brother is escaping and that’s why we came here following the location. Other reporter tells that Police and their family members are brutal. Kalyani asks them to calm down.

Reporter tells Anupriya that Commissioner Malhar have beaten this guy so brutally and asks whom she will support, Ajinkya or commissioner. They bombard questions on Anupriya. Anupriya asks them to calm down and tells that Police have done mistake, Malhar Rane shall be suspended. Kalyani says it was Akshay’s plan, and he trapped us. She asks how can you blame Malhar? Anupriya says Malhar started beating him without asking who is he? Kalyani says you are demanding for Malhar’s suspension, it was confusion planned by Akshay. Anupriya says do you think that Malhar did right, by beating him. The reporters leave hearing Police jeep sound. DSP calls Malhar. Malhar tells that everything was live telecast on social media, DSP had no option so he suspended me. Kalyani feels bad. They leave from there.

Later Kalyani comes to room and apologizes to Malhar. She says you were suspended because of someone’s mistake. She asks him not to sit in darkness and switches on the lights. Malhar says what to say, I don’t believe on Maayi’s statement. He says nobody thought that I was getting trapped. Kalyani says even I don’t hope from this Aai and tells that whatever she did was wrong. Malhar says I will do what I want to. Kalyani says I won’t be quiet, for a blind girl’s rape and will search Akshay, if I am on duty or not. He goes. Indu sees the news on Akshay’s mobile. Akshay pretends to be a lady clad in saree and says it is a good news. Malhar comes to PS and tells that Akshay is not found. Malhar asks him to bring the list of people, who came to meet Indu. Indu tells Akshay that Police is after him. Akshay says Malhar is suspended and Kalyani is upset with her Aai. Indu says then also Police is after you. Pawar informs Malhar that someone came from NGO to meet Indu.

Pawar informing Malhar that someone came to meet Indu. Indu asks Ajinkya to make preparations to leave the country, tells him that it is good that both Anupriya and Kalyani are fighting. Akshay says Police is everywhere, how to escape. Indu says you can escape if Ajinkya dies or anything happens to him. Akshay says we don’t need that kinnar now, we have used him enough. Malhar collides with Akshay as he goes. He says it ok and goes. Malhar asks Indu where is that person who came to meet you. They realize that saree clad person had come to meet Indu. They come out and find him escaped.

Ajinkya gains consciousness and sees Godaveri sleeping on the sofa. He calls her. Godaveri asks if you are fine? She says Doctor asked me to give you medicine. He takes medicine and drinks water. She keeps pillow behind his back. He says he is fine. She takes out his bandage and applies medicine. She says I will call Kaki to bandage your head. He holds her hand and says no need. Godaveri bandages his head. Ajinkya says nobody loved me until now and that’s why my tears are not stopping. Godaveri says I didn’t know that you are in so much pain, I will care for you and will always be with you. She says we can’t be husband and wife, but can be good friends. Ajinkya shakes hand with her. Godaveri tells that Anupriya and Kalyani have an argument as Malhar had beaten you. She asks why you stayed silent then. Ajinkya says I was helpless. He says Tai was right that there was two people. He says Tai (Kalyani) was unaware that she had sent Akshay to meet Aai. He says Akshay had kidnapped me and had stayed here all day. He says he threatened me not to say anything. Godaveri says I think I shall tell all this to Kaki. Anupriya says we heard all. Sarthak tells Anupriya that he had told her that Malhar is right and says you got him suspended infront of media. Kalyani comes to the room and calls Malhar. Malhar asks Pawar to search Akshay and says he had come to meet Indu in PS. Kalyani asks him to have breakfast. Malhar refuses. Kalyani says it is your favorite breakfast. Malhar asks her to sit and says I am sorry Kalyani, I can’t eat, I want to catch Akshay. Kalyani says Akshay will be caught, asks him to have food. He asks where is Maayi? He asks did you talk to her?

Sarthak asks Anupriya to go and talk to Kalyani. Anupriya says she shall talk to me. Malhar asks what happened between you both. Kalyani says nothing. Malhar gives his swear. Sarthak says Kalyani is our daughter, you shall talk to her. Godaveri says you are wrong Kaki. Kalyani and Malhar come there. Malhar comes there and tells Sarthak it was all drama between them both. Sarthak asks what? Anupriya says why did you tell him. Kalyani says Malhar gave me promised. Anupriya says Akshay wanted us to fight. Malhar says this means you both knew what was happening. Kalyani says if we had told you that you wouldn’t have raised hand on Ajinkya. Sarthak says how we will know, who is Akshay and who is Ajinkya? Kalyani recalls and a fb is shown, Ajinkya tells her that he wants to leave from here, as Malhar Dada is angry with me. Kalyani says Malhar ji wants Shilpi to get justice and says Aai wants to help you too. He says he couldn’t return her favor. Kalyani hugs him and keeps tracker in his pocket. Fb ends. Kalyani takes out tracker from Ajinkya’s pocket. Malhar asks what she wants to prove. Kalyani says she wants to prove the theory that they are two, and when he went to godown, she was sure that he is Ajinkya. She apologizes to Ajinkya.

Ajinkya says it is good that you have realized that I am not criminal. Anupriya says Akshay will come here. Kalyani says Akshay wanted us to fight and will come here to attack Ajinkya, he didn’t know that we are waiting for him. Akshay comes to Godaveri’s room. Gungun asks what is he doing here and asks him to hide somewhere else. She says Kallu must be coming to catch me. Akshay thinks that loser is playing hide and seek with them. Kalyani calls Gungun and Ajinkya. Akshay hides. Kalyani goes. Akshay opens the door. Anupriya comes there and says I had told you that my NGO wants to help you. She asks him to come with her. Sarthak and Malhar also come there. Akshay says I am fine. They bring him to hall. Anupriya says all your worries will end. Akshay asks what do you mean? Sarthak says your stress will end, which you have for your identity. Malhar says Anupriya’s NGO will give him employment too. Akshay says he is fine now and will go. Lakshmi Tai (A kinnar) comes there and says everything will be fine, when my hand is kept on your head. Kalyani greets her and says he wants to get included in your community and asks her to bless him. Lakshmi Tai blesses him and applies tilak. She says you are mine now and is about to make him wear garland. Akshay pushes Lakshmi Tai and is about to run away, but Kalyani holds him and asks Akshay not to be afraid and says this is right place for you. Akshay says I am fine. Kalyani says you don’t need to feel ashamed of your identity. She faints. Akshay runs away. Malhar, Sarthak and Anupriya hold her.

Kalyani gaining consciousness and asks Malhar to catch Akshay, as he is eloping. Malhar asks her not to take stress and says she shall not worry. He says your face is glowing. Anupriya comes there with Aao Saheb and Godaveri. Kalyani asks what is happening? Why saas and damad are smiling? She asks if Akshay is caught then tell me? Anupriya does her aarti, while Aao Saheb takes bad sight off her and asks Godaveri to burn the chillies. Kalyani asks them to tell what happened? Anu priya says I always tell that I am proud to have a daughter like you and says likewise, even you will get a chance to say the same and tell that you are going to be a mother soon, you are pregnant. Kalyani gets happy and smiles. Anupriya asks Malhar to take care of her. They leave. Malhar locks the door and comes to Kalyani. He says I came to talk to baby. He says I am Malhar Rane, your Baba. Kalyani smiles. Malhar thanks her and hugs her. He says thanks for giving me an amazing gift, but I am scared a bit. Kalyani says why? He says how can I handle two, can’t handle one Kalyani. Kalyani asks how do you know that this is a girl. Malhar says who is Baba? I know. Kalyani says I have an idea to catch Akshay? Malhar says he will catch him. Kalyani says she will talk to Aai. Anupriya comes there. Malhar says Kalyani has idea to catch Akshay. Anupriya asks her to sit silently. Kalyani says you can execute the plan, I will just say it. She tells the plan. Sarthak comes there and brings 4 boxes of sweets. Malhar asks why did he bring 4 boxes of sweets. Sarthak says happiness is big, I will become Dada today and makes Malhar eat sweets. He says Madhav Dada will be very happy today, if he would have been here. He asks where is Kalyani? Malhar says I made her sit in room with great difficulty. He says Kalyani has come up with a new plan, to trap Indu in her own lie. He says if Ajinkya tells everything then Indu will have no option than to tell the truth. Sarthak says why Ajinkya will do this infront of media. Godaveri says I will convince him. Godaveri thanks Ajinkya for helping them. Shilpi comes there and touches his feet, thanking him for getting the culprit caught. Ajinkya says he wants to meet Kalyani before doing this.

Anupriya massages Kalyani’s feet and says she is doing this for her grand child. She cries and says Atul and Madhuri are not with you today, to see this day and feels bad. Kalyani says they are not with me, but you are with me, my Aai and Baba. Anupriya asks her to take care and not to do stunts for the baby. Kalyani promises her and says this is unfair Aai, you love this chotu more than me. Anupriya says interest is more dear than principal. Ajinkya and Godaveri come there. Godaveri tells Kalyani that he wants to talk to Kalyani Tai. Kalyani asks if he thinks that when his truth comes out, people will taunt him. Ajinkya says he is worried for Godaveri and asks if she can face people’s taunts. Aao Saheb comes there and says she will do, she is doing the right time, she is our responsibility now. She asks Ajinkya to help them to catch Akshay. Ajinkya promises her. Aao Saheb says Ajinkya that he can’t be her damad, but can become their son. Ajinkya takes her blessings and touches her feet. Kalyani calls media at home. She says whatever happened is known to you all. Reporter says we know how Malhar had beaten Ajinkya in godown so brutally, for which he is suspended. Kalyani says you didn’t know the truth fully. She says Ajinkya wants to tell the truth. Ajinkya says he is the only son of Indu and she knew that he is a kinnar, but then also she got him married to Godaveri, by emotionally blackmailing him. He says he has ruined Godaveri’s life. He says my Aai used to feel shame of my truth and don’t want it to come out, but Anupriya and Kalyani helped me and Malhar and Kaka gave me courage to reveal my identity to everyone. He gets emotional. Kalyani gives him water. Reporter asks why did his mother get him married? Malhar says I hope whoever sees this interview, gets courage. He tells everything. Anupriya says if something had happened with your daughter, then won’t you get angry. Kalyani says Indu will be punished for her deeds and tells that they are with Ajinkya. Reporter thanks Kalyani for bringing out the truth and says Indu shall be punished. Pawar shows the interview to Indu and says you will be trapped now. Indu says they have done this intentionally and wants to ruin me and wants me to tell everything about Akshay, but I will not do this and will not let them win. Akshay gets calls and gets angry. He says they want me to take step so that they can catch me. He says Kalyani is very happy to be pregnant, you have wiped out my identity, I will wipe your baby’s identity.

Kalyani comes to room and calls Malhar, asks where is he? Malhar and Anupriya are already there, and says surprise.

Kalyani gets happy seeing the decoration. Malhar pulls her cheeks. He gifts her necklace. Kya kehna song plays. Kalyani hugs him.