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My heart knows on zee world, Friday 16th September 2022 update

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Ajinkya explains he needs to be some place important so has to leave, Aau Sahib replies he can leave after performing the Rasam, Malhar from the corner exclaims he will not go anywhere but just the jail as he has the arrest warrant against him, Malhar takes out the handcuffs when Anupriya comes out and says nothing would happen.

My heart knows series
My heart knows series

Indu is laughing with her son, exclaiming now they would see what happens with them because they have ruined the family, her son exclaims they would also be shocked to see how Ajinkya can be at tow places in once as on one side he was with Anupriya but was also trying to kill Kalyani, they laugh exclaiming that now they would ruin the family because they all would have different sentiment and even Kalyani would not be able to be stand with Kalyani which will ruin the family.

Anupriya comes, Malhar asks why he cannot take Ajinkya as he has the warrant, Anupriya replies she also has the court order, Malhar starts beating him and doesnot even stop when everyone tries to stop him, Godavari asks Aau Sahib to stop Malhar, she is able to saying the only reason she cannot say anything to him is because he is also the son in law of this house, Kalyani seeing Ajinkya turns to bring the medical box but Godavari asks her to stop this drama as she at first did not come to stop Malhar but then is showing care, Aau Sahib asks them to stop and says that Godavari should take Ajinkya into the room.

Aau Sahib is not able to understand so questions what is happening, Kalyani is revealing the entire situation hearing which Aau Sahib gets mad saying this is all because of the NGO as she is so busy that is not taking care of the house, she has decided to close the NGO, Aau Sahib brings the board of the NGO to throw it out but Kalyani stops her saying that it was not because of NGO but because that only Aai convinced Godavari after which she decided to go with Ajinkya but before that she was not even ready, Aau Sahib is convinced saying that Anupriya is not going to work but then Kalyani replies that it is the dream of Anupriya and she should to work, they only have to find out what Godavari told before she convinced her to go back, Kalyani turning to Anupriya asks her to now reveal the truth because it is ruining their family and if she doesnot say anything it will ruin their family, but Anupriya replies that she cannot break the promise even if it means closing her NGO, she leaves crying and even Aau Sahib and Malhar leave her, she thinks she would have to find out the truth before it ruins their family.

Godavari is with Ajinkya in her room, , she even apologizes to him for the behavior of Malhar saying he doesnot understand anything when he suspects someone, Ajinkya says that he is not sorry because he doesnot have to fear anyone, applying the bandage and he thanks her for agreeing to come back with him, Godavari replies that it is because she talked with Aai who convinced her and she decided to go back to her own house and live there to fulfil the duties of the wife, Ajinkya sitting explains he would support for anything which she decides to do in the future be it study or travelling, he would always be with her, Godavari replies that besides these things a girl also needs love Godavari leans to kiss him but he gets back, she getting mad says she doesnot want to live with someone who cannot even love his wife, she asks him to leave.

Indu jee is in the jail, Kalyani comes asking Pawar kaka to open it, after thanking him she asks him to leave but he doesnot want to, she says she wants to talk with her in private, Indu je is smiling, Kalyani enters the cell, Indu jee exclaims it is bad manners to come and meet empty handed to the mother in law, she asks what happened as she is the one in jail while Kalyani is tensed, she asks if Malhar knows about it, Kalyani replies she doesnot have to drag Malhar jee, Indu jee exclaims she is a loyal wife and came without informing him, Kalyani shouts at her saying that when she agreed to the marriage of Ajinkya, she got suspicious but did not put pressure because Godavari was happy then why did she came back just after two days and doesnot want to go with ahim, Indu jee asks if Godavari told her, she exclaims Godavari would have told Anupriya and she should ask her. Kalyani is tensed.

Godavari in her room is taking out the clothes, Aau Sahib coming asks what has happened because Kalyani told her that she agreed to leave with her husband after Anupriya convinced her but is she doing, she asks Godavari if Ajinkya fought with her but Godavari is not able to answer, Aau Sahib taking the suitcase packs her bag saying that she is now a guest after the marriage and they cannot take the responsibility of her anymore, she has to leave the house no matter what, Aau sahib drags her out without even listening to what she has to say.

Kalyani is laughing saying that the police have also filed a rape case against Ajinkya, and they have even launched an inquiry into her assets which would now be seized and their would be nothing left for her, Indu jee asks her to not worry about her as her son would take care of everything, she must not go and try to mend the relations, she is tired and needs to rest, Kalyani walks out of the cell, Indu jee stopping her exclaims she came to know if the husband of Godavari is the rapist but she must rest assured that he is innocent and not the rapist, Kalyani is left stunned hearing this.

Ajinkya telling his mother that he couldn’t see Godaveri crying all the time. Indu asks if he has fallen in love with her and says you can’t. Ajinkya says they have betrayed Godaveri big, she assumes to have been married to the guy she loves, and tells that he can’t see her in pain and wants to tell her the truth. Indu throws a glass at him and threatens to throw him in the same gutter from where she has picked him. He says he don’t want to go there again. Pawar tells Malhar that he is following Ajinkya and tells that he didn’t do anything till now. He then asks a girl to wear ear plugs and tells that he will guide her to reach Ajinkya. The girl collides with Ajinkya. Ajinkya says sorry. The girl apologizes to him and says I did a mistake, I shouldn’t have gone to Police. I am ready to be your second wife and will take back the Police complaint. She apologizes. Ajinkya says you are taking me wrong, I am not that person. He apologizes and goes. Pawar asks her to take the back steps. Ajinkya’s twin collides with the girl and drops a letter in her hand bag. She takes it. Pawar calls Malhar and tells that Ajinkya is very clever, acted to be humble and apologized to Shilpi and left. He says I will drop Shilpi to her home. He comes to her and finds a letter in her hand. Malhar asks what happened? Pawar tells him about the letter. Malhar asks him to read. Pawar reads in which the rapist apologized to her for not identifying her infront of people on the road, and asks her to meet him after an hour somewhere.

Kalyani finds Ajinkya going somewhere afraid and follows him. Sarthak tells Anupriya that Godaveri was leaving the house, due to Aao Saheb. He says I talked to Aao Saheb and asks Anupriya to tell him the truth, if she wants Godaveri’s betterment. Kalyani thinks Indu told that Ajinkya can’t rape, then why did Shilpi accuse him.

Sarthak asks Anupriya to speak up and says your home and NGO is breaking. He asks her to say. Anupriya says I have promised Godaveri that I will not tell anyone. Sarthak gives her Gungun’s promise. Malhar drops Shilpi to the address. She comes inside. Kalyani follows Ajinkya and finds him going inside a house. Ajinkya’s twin or lookalike come to Shilpi and holds her. Shilpi asks him to leave her. Malhar is looking at him from the window.

Kalyani sees Ajinkya wearing anklet and walking like a girl. He then sits infront of dressing table and applies bindi and lipstick Kalyani is shocked and comes inside. She drops her handbag seeing him with woman’s stuff. Malhar comes inside and catches the culprit. He beats him. His twin pushes Malhar on Shilpi and runs away. Kalyani confronts Ajinkya for ruining Godaveri’s life. He says he didn’t want to ruin her life and was helpless. Kalyani asks who knows about this? Ajinkya says Anupriya and Godaveri. Kalyani says that’s why Aai was so sure and got against Malhar ji.

Aao saheb is shocked to know about Ajinkya’s truth and worries for Godaveri’s future. She says people will taunt her. Sarthak says he will get Ajinkya arrested for the fraud. Anupriya says we can’t do this, first we have to get Godaveri divorced from Ajinkya. Aao Saheb says my house’s daughter will get divorce? Anupriya says we have to do this and also have to help Ajinkya who is helpless. She tells that Indu forced him to marry Godaveri. Aao Saheb says Godaveri will not take divorce, what the society will say and what Godaveri will do. Anupriya says Godaveri needs happiness and peace, we can’t let her suffocate in this marriage. She says we will give her strength that she will not need anyone in her life. She says we will also help Ajinkya. She says I felt that women need help, but even men are in need. She says my NGO will help even such men. Sarthak says I will help you in your endeavor.

Malhar comes there and asks where is Ajinkya? Sarthak asks what happened? Malhar says you people was very sure that Ajinkya can’t rape anyone. He says Ajinkya called Shilpi and then tried to rape her. Anupriya says this can’t happen. Malhar shows the letter. Godaveri says this is Ajinkya’s hand writing. Malhar says I will catch him and then will get him punished. Godaveri says since he went, I didn’t talk to him. Kalyani brings Ajinkya there. Malhar says I will not leave him. Kalyani says I want to talk to you, says Aai was right, now even I am sure that Ajinkya didn’t rape anyone. Malhar asks Ajinkya, how he fooled Kalyani? Kalyani asks Malhar to hear her and says Ajinkya can’t rape, as …..She tells everything what she has seen. Malhar says what nonsense? He says what about I have seen? Ajinkya says I married Godaveri due to my Aai, it was her need to get me married to Godaveri. Malhar says I will see, until you will act and I will get you punished.

Malhar coming to his room and thinks what I saw was truth, Shilpi’s fear, Ajinkya’s truth. He thinks there was no problem in Ajinkya. Kalyani comes there and tells that Ajinkya haven’t raped Shilpi and asks why did he think that she will support wrong and protect him. Malhar asks her to believe him and tells that he has seen him with his eyes. Kalyani asks how can a person be present at two places at the same time. Malhar says it is a limit that you are not trusting me? Kalyani asks him to listen. Sarthak comes there with Anupriya…They try to cheer up Malhar and sing ek dusre se karte hai pyar hum. Kalyani also sings and cheers up Malhar. Malhar asks Anupriya what is all this? Anupriya says it is not that, we don’t trust you, but the person with whom Godaveri is married, can’t rape anyone. She shows him a photo, in which Ajinkya is with Indu. Sarthak says Shilpi must be having some misunderstanding. Malhar says this matter is getting complicated. Ajinkya’s twin comes to meet Indu. Indu says it is good that you came to meet me. She says Malhar will be confused now. Her son says Malhar is responsible for your condition and will be punished for breaking our family. Indu says she is proud of his thoughts, but they can’t underestimate Malhar. She asks him to go to his Maasi in Australia, and sell their properties here. She says once she gets out from jail, she will come there. She says Malhar will continue to find evidence against Ajinkya. Her son asks what if Ajinkya tells him the truth. Indu says Ajinkya will tell, if he knows about it. A fb is shown, in which Indu is seen going to Ajinkya’s house and apologizing to him. She tells him that she is his mother and left him as she became mother at such a young age. She asks him to come home and tells that she wants to accept him infront of everyone. Ajinkya gets glad and hugs her. fb ends.

Indu tells her son that Ajinkya was unaware that she had given birth to twins. She says when Godaveri and your video got leaked, I couldn’t let you marry her and that’s why I brought Ajinkya to marry her.

Aao Saheb prays to God for Godaveri. A neighbor comes to meet Godaveri and her husband. Aao Saheb says they went out. Neighbor calls them for Mahalakshmi puja. Aao Saheb says we will come with Salgaonkar. Neighbor says we didn’t call them this time. Aao Saheb asks why? Neighbor says we heard that their young daughter is divorcing her husband after love marriage and that’s why we want to stay away from them, to stay away from disease like thing called divorce. Aao Saheb gets tensed.

Malhar tells Kalyani that he has no time for her childish things. Kalyani says she knows to cheer him up and tells that she is trying to behave like adult, but seems like he is afraid. Malhar asks if she is challenging him? he lifts her and take her to bed. He is about to get closer to her, when Gungun comes there calling Kalyani as Didi. She says she will show her magic. Kalyani and Malhar get up fast. Kalyani asks her to show. Sarthak tells Anupriya that he has brought oil to massage her head. Anupriya refuses. He asks her to get up fast and not to argue. Anupriya gets up and asks him to bring the album. Sarthak gives her album. Anupriya cries seeing Godaveri’s childhood pic and says she is looking so happy. She reminisces Godaveri’s childhood and says she is very stubborn since childhood and wanted to marry since then. She cries. Sarthak asks her not to cry and says we will not let anything happen to her. Anupriya says I can’t see her sad.

Aao Saheb comes to Godaveri’s room and asks her to listen, what she is going to say. Godaveri asks what? Aao Saheb says I know that everyone wants you to take divorce, but there is a power in women, that it can melt even a stone. Godaveri says she can’t do this. Aao Saheb begs infront of her and explains her that she wants her betterment and that’s why making her understand. She tells that neighbor lakshmi came and told about Salgaonkar’s daughter divorce. She says I have seen how people used to look at Anupriya with disgusted feeling and says Kalyani was with her, but who is with you. Ajinkya’s twin hear them using the Spy cam in Godaveri’s room. He says Godaveri wants to have wedding night and says he will fulfill her wish.

Kalyani asks Gungun to go and says she is feeling sleepy. Gungun asks her to see how she solved the puzzle. Ajinkya is in his room and thinks sorry Godaveri, I couldn’t fulfill your wishes. He looks at her pic and feels sorry. His twin comes there through the window and looks at him.

Kalyani asks Gungun to say and says I am not smart as you. Gungun says there are two jokers, when one hide then other come infront and vice versa. Kalyani and Malhar get thinking.

Kalyani and Malhar get thinking hearing Gungun’s trick that when one joker hides another comes up. Kalyani thanks Gungun and asks her to go and sleep. Ajinkya’s twin comes to him and makes him unconscious using chloroform. Ajinkya faints. The twin then makes him lie down on the bed. Kalyani tells Malhar that he was right, he saw Ajinkya’s lookalike. She tells that just like Gungun’s magic trick, when one hide then other come. Ajinkya’s twin comes to Godaveri’s room. Godaveri asks what are you doing here? He says he came to give her wife’s rights, which she wanted. Godaveri pushes him and asks him to stay away. Malhar and Kalyani hear the sound and come to Godaveri’s room. Ajinkya’s twin switches off the lights. Malhar and Kalyani come inside and see Ajinkya on the floor unconscious and Godaveri standing holding the knife. Malhar checks him and finds him unconscious. Kalyani brings Godaveri out of shock and asks her to tell what happened? Godaveri tells that Ajinkya behaved strangely and also that he misbehaved with him. Malhar makes him come in his consciousness and confronts him. Ajinkya tells that he came to apologized to Godaveri, when suddenly someone made him unconscious. Malhar tells that he will take him to PS. Kalyani stops him and tells him that Ajinkya haven’t done anything. Malhar asks didn’t you trust your sister. Kalyani says she trusts her, and also knows that Ajinkya can’t do such a thing. She says surely his lookalike must have done this. She tells Malhar that they are right about his twin or lookalike. Malhar asks Ajinkya if he has any twin brother. Ajinkya says he is not aware of him, as his Aai haven’t told him. Kalyani says she knows how to make Indu speak up.

Ajinkya comes to Indu and says why did you bring me here? He says I was happy at my place and tells that you trapped me in this mess. A fb is shown, Indu shows Godaveri’s pic to Ajinkya and asks him to marry her. Ajinkya refuses to marry and asks what about this girl’s happiness. Indu threatens to commit suicide if his truth comes out. He says he will tell that he is not interested to marry. Indu says people laugh at me and asks him to live life like he wants, after her death. She blackmails him to marry Godaveri. Fb ends. Ajinkya tells Indu that now they came to know everything. Indu says it is good, but they will not tell anyone. Ajinkya tells Indu that Kalyani and Malhar are doubtful that he has a twin brother. Indu asks him not to say louder. Ajinkya asks if this is truth. Malhar and Kalyani hear him on spy recorder. Indu tells Ajinkya that his twin brother is Akshay and says if I had told you then you wouldn’t have agreed to marry Godaveri. She says she had dreamt big for Akshay, and fixed his marriage with politician’s daughter, then Akshay’s video with Godaveri got leaked and that’s why I made you married her. Ajinkya asks what was my mistake? Indu says Akshay is planning something big.

Godaveri comes to Gungun. Gungun says she wants to be a lawyer and that’s why drew lawyer on the paper. She asks Godaveri what she wants to become? Godaveri says she never thought about it. Anupriya comes there and asks her to think it now. She says it is never too late and sends Gungun out. She asks Godaveri to move on in life and think of her career. Godaveri hugs her. Anupriya asks her to think about her life and says once you get divorce, then you can go to college and make a fresh start. Godaveri says she doesn’t know what to do? She says she can’t stay with Ajinkya and not having courage to take divorce from him. Anupriya asks why? Godaveri says since Aao Saheb said how a divorcee woman have to face and suffer at the hands of people, I am scared. Anupriya says we have to change the society perception, asks her to stop crying.

Aao Saheb makes a tantrik do puja to make Ajinkya fine. He asks her to give something to Ajinkya in the night. He asks her to give dakshina and then take the powder. Aao Saheb says she will give. Sarthak and Anupriya asks Aao Saheb not to do such blind faith. Tantrik says he will curse her. Aao Saheb says they are kids and apologizes to Tantrik. Sarthak tells Tantrik that this house is of Commissioner and we are lawyers. He asks him to come to PS. Tantrik apologizes and runs away. Anupriya tells Aao Saheb not to do this again and tells that Ajinkya is like this since birth and he has no disease. She says we have to just accept him. Aao Saheb says she will change him. Anupriya says if she does this again, then she will file case against her. Aao Saheb asks will you file case against me and don’t care for Godaveri. Sarthak says we all are concerned for her. Aao Saheb asks how they will do right with Godaveri, by getting her divorced? Godaveri comes there and tells that she wants to get divorce from Ajinkya.

They both have their own dreams and can’t stay together. She says you had said that Kaki has Tai, so she handled herself, but I have them both. She hugs Anupriya. Anupriya smiles.