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Meet in love zee world, Thursday 8th September 2022 update

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Meet in hall infront of everyone says I want to talk to you. Raj says yes tell. Meet says you all are my strength and when I understood that I filled my form in seconds and in 7 days I have physical training and I have to prepare for that…

Meet in love zee world Series
Meet in love zee world Series

(Meet show Meet Ahlawat the death threat letter says uf I do anything then they will harm you I cannot take that risk. Meet Ahlawat says okay this is the reason why you were not happy at holi celebration, till when I have to make you remember that you are Ashok’s Huddah daughter, you will get many threats. Meet says it’s about your life, I already lost my father and can’t think of loosing you, I’m not that greedy and don’t do a thing that can harm you that’s why I have decided and will to family. Meet Ahlawat says go because Hawa Singh want this and stay away from everything, his life will come in danger if you become the officer, he is more confident about you but he forget one thing your family guve you strength, rather then stepping back you should try to look for weakness of Hawa Singh which can act as counter for us, so don’t step back and think something which Hawa Singh can’t do, think. Meet says why didn’t I think of this first, you are right he has weakness he cannot see anyone ruin his reputation and to save that he can go to any extent.
Hawa Singh gets call from Meet. Meet says to him I need to file a report someone is threating my husband it must be a work of some goon. Hawa Singh says how police can help you. Meet says what are you saying police work for people’s safety, you must know about section 503 death threat, so you have to find him and along with that safety of my husband is also your responsibility and if something happens to him then you know Section 156/3 if a police officer dont write a complaint then you know what is the punishment, if something happen then the call is recorded and you are smart already and disconnects call. Meet Ahlawat says you are so smart)…

Duggu says now my Ustaad Mami will be Officer Mami. Ram says so now you both have decided, you are sure about this. They say yes we are sure. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj we need to go police headquarters for some work please give us permission. Meet Ahlawat and Meet walks away Meet Ahlawat says to her it’s your first win.

Meet in her room. Meet Ahlawat wake her up at 4am for her training, today I’ll teach you what is right meaning of training and take her downstairs. Ragini in hall give Meet milk to drink. She drinks it and take blessings of Ragini and Raj. Tej guve her best wishes. Meet Ahlawat take her out.

Meet Ahlawat on cycle. Meet running behind him and sit on street. He make her stand and give water. Meet and Meet Ahlawat keeping record of there traning. Meet in garden exercising. Ragini cheering her up to train harder. She lie down in garden. Meet Ahlawat and Raj cheer her up to exercise further. Meet train for 7 days with support of her family.

Ram in hir room receive call from Hawa Singh. Hawa Singh says to Ram what are doing what are you waiting for do something or else she will bring your past and ruim your future. Ram says understood I’ll do something.

Ram at police station calls Hawa Singh says I reached. Hawa Singh come to him says I think so you are not scared of going in jaild you know police can bring out everything from your mouth. Ram says keep in mind she is member of our family. Hawa Singh says what are you talking kill her if tomorrow she becomes officer and truth come infront of everyone then your family will stand against you, if you cannot do anything then tell me I’ll send her to her father it’s time for action not to think. Ram says shutup.

Everyone in hall. Ragini says to Raj Meet will surely win the competition I have seen her working. Duggu praises Meet. Ram walks to them we should give a party to Meet for her hardwork. Ragini says to Ram I thought you were not in favour of her becoming an officer. Ram says yes but she said something about our family which is unity and peace so why not just give her a party. Babita says why you need to throw party. Raj says to Ram I’m with you start with the prepration. Ram says okay I’ll get into organising and leaves to read a message saying we are ready to hunt the bird.

Meet in her room relaxing. Meet Ahlawat walks to her sit infront of her and massages her legs. Meet says don’t I’ll do it. Meet Ahlawat says when I’ll be having pain you can massage my legs, tomorrow is your test and whole family has planned a samll party for you, I know you must be worried for tomorrow but still it won’t to tell you, you will facing many different people tomorrow who could be athelete, bodybuilders, sports man. Meet says let them come I have confidence in me. Meet Ahlawat says I’m proud of you, you have already won the half competition, let’s do a mock test for tomorrow. Meet says okay tell me what I have to do tomorrow.

Meet Ahlawat ask her stand and says first let’s check you vitals and sit to check her height and shoulder and get close to her, he step back says you shoulder have increased and says let’s check you waist. Meet says I can understand everything, I’m about to become police officer stay away from me. Meet Ahlawat says okay if you say I won’t do checkup. Meet spread her hands. He ask what happen. Meet says where you will run away from me. Meet Ahlawat try to catch her. She says not now I have test tomorrow. Meet Ahlawat give her best wishes.

Ragini in kitchen cooking. Ram walks to her ask what what are you doing. Ragini says Meet is working hard so thought og making ladoo for her and I took recipe from Anubha and making for her. Ram says okay let me help you I have seen Meet Ahlawat helping Meet a lot so thought why not help you and you didn’t said anything to me till now so we both will make ladoo for her, ask is this for Meet or anyone can eat. Ragini says anybody can eat, one minute did you came to eat ladoo, comeon go out and ask him to leave. Meet walks in ask Ragini why are you pushing him out. Ragini says I was making ladoo for you but he want to eat. Meet says ladoo for me, she smeels it and says same my dadi use to make for my father and try to eat. Ram says you cannot eat now, have in evening with everyone. Meet says I’m so thankful that you got me as my family members I’m so lucky. Ram says you can praise us but you will get ladoo in evening only. Meet says okay and leave. Ram start helping Ragini and ask her to give a glass of water. Ragini turn around to get water and Ram mix something a white powder in that and says to himself I don’t want Meet to go in her exam that’s why I have to mix this Anesthetics and he mix it well in batter.

Meet in her room says now I’m ready for party and electricity goes she says I should go and check fuse, she go out of her room to check. Someone point gun at her head. She ask who is this and looks. Meet Ahlawat dressed as police officer and acting as Bollywood actor simba says come with me and stand here, Singam will be coming. Light switches on and see Tej dressed as Singam. Tej scare Meet Ahlawat and they both start acting infront of her. Hoshiyar also walks in front of them acting ask Jailer from early period. Meet laugh at him. Duggu acting as police officer and dancing in front her says I’m Robin Hood Pandey. Raj walks in as Vijay Denanath Chauhan. Meet Ahlawat makeher wear hat and everyone salute her. Rest of the family members come out and clapping for her. Babita looks at everyone and walks away and start eating. Meet walks to her says are you not happy with my decision, uf you ever feel I’m not being responsible as wife then you can say me. Babita says I know police job is tricky and I never have any issues with the house responsibility, hut remember there is athin line between balancing work and house life if you cross that line by mistake whole life changes, you can do anything but don’t harm the happiness of our family. Meet says if women always be on same side of line then many bad people can harm them. Babita says nobody can debate with you and leaves.

Duggu going inside. Sunaina stop her says let’s take a selfie, she click picture. Duggu says to her I need to have pastry and walk away. Tej walks to Sunaina with Ram Lakhan. They ask Sunaina to click picture. Tej says wait let me come and they click picture. Tej looks at photo sats don’t this look as complete family photo. Masum listing there conversation. Sunaina says did you notice one thing I cannot smile in this picture, if this is family then you will feel as complete but I won’t. Tej says try to give them one chance, Ram Lakhan are not kids of this house please one time for me and our relation. Sunaina says okay just because of you. Tej thanks her and hugs her. Masum says whta Ram Lakhan will be there kids I won’t let this happen.

Ragini walks out to barbeque searching for the plate of ladoo. Ram looks and see plate is with Ram, Lakhan and Duggu he rush to them and says this is for Meet not for you. Duggu says why Meet will eat we also want to eat. Ram Lakhan says yes we also want to eat ladoo. Ram says we will give but other one and give that plate to Meet. Meet says so you kids hijacked my ladoo. They says yes . Lakhan says we need in return if you want ladoo. Meet says I have better option what if I share with you guys. Ram says no no Ragini made for you with love, we will give them other. Meet says no worries they are kids. Ram says no and thinks how will I make them understand that they cannot eat this ladoo and say don’t worry we will give them other ladoo and ask them to eat nachos. Ragini take ladoo and says I’ll give her first ladoo and she eat it. Meet Ahlawat says and second one I’ll give because nothing will happen to her with one ladoo, the love mixed in this ladoo will make my wife more strong and give her ladoo. Meet eat second one too.

Everyone sitting together and enjoying. Meet feels sleepy. Ram says I think Meet should go and take rest she have her ecam tomorrow. Meet says wait let me sit I’m enjoying. Ram says no you have to take proper rest go and sleep. Raj says yes Ram is correct you should go and take rest. Meet says okay as you say I’ll go and sleep. Ram think’s go Meet you cannot faint in front of everyone. Meet Ahlawat I think so I should also sleep. Ram says where are you going you are always with her 24hrs, tomorrow she will go on gher duty make habit of this and ask everyone let’s watch our favourite movie. Everyone says yes. Ram says then let’s go to TV room.

Meet in her room she walks to window and see tent caught fire she says it’s spreading I have to stop it. Everyone in TV room watching movie. Meet walks out to stop fire but she is falling asleep, she says what is happening to me and I have to stop this fire from spreading. Meet Ahlawat in TV room looking at his watch. Meet outside trying to take out fire but she drops her things and think what is happening to me my head is spinning, she fall. Meet Ahlawat looks at his hand and see the heart made by Meet. Ram says to Ragini I’ll be back soon and walks out to see Meet.

Ram in corridor see iron rod in store room and remember Hawa Singh saying him to kill Meet. He walk outside and see Meet on floor he was about to hit her but remember he is her family member and remember the conversation with Hawa Singh and says I’m not a murder, what am I doing he drops the rod and says I have to do something so that you cannot give test, he take burning stick in his hands and says I’m sorry Meet I don’t want you should become officer and ruin the happiness of this family, takes that burning stick to her legs. Raj calls Ram, he get up and leave her there.

Meet Ahlawat looking at his watch again and again. Tej signals Masum to look at Meet Ahlawat. Tej ask him what happen why are you so tensed. Meet Ahlawat says I was thinking about Meet, she have test tomorrow so thought of go and check on her. Tej says why are you so worried of such small tension, go and check her. Meet Ahlawat get up to check on Meet. Ram walks in and ask him where are you going. He says I’ll go and check Meet. Ram says she might be sleeping it’s been 1 hour since she went in her room let her be alone and start practicing to live alone let’s go and watch movie. Meet Ahlawat sit down and watch movie.

Meet outside start waking up, her leg is burnt because of the stick Ram left, she see a stool with earthen pot on it she push it. Everyone in TV room hear the sound of falling.

Babita ask what happen. Raj says I think so something fall. Meet Ahlawat get’s up and walk outside, he see Meet on floor and rush towards her. Everyone in shock after seeing her condition. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.