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I’m On The Edge ZeeWorld, Monday 26th September 2022 update

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I’m On The Edge
I’m On The Edge

Devika closes room’s door. Devika says to Varun that we buried Alek’s body in garden, is he alive? Varun says dont worry, I removed Alek’s deadbody from there, he is not alive, I did it because it was dangerous here, I have put his body in his car, his car will be gone to centre and no one will know his deadbody is there. Dhani records their conversation.

Devika says no Alek’s sister Vasundra will prove me as killer. Varun says nothing will happen, you trust me right? Devika looks in his eyes and is in tears. Varun hugs her.

Urmi sees family have dinner. Varun asks Devika if she is worried? I told you Vasundra cant do anything against us. All look on. Vasundra comes there with police. She says I told you people I wont spare you, see Devika your

arrest warrant. Vasundra says now I will see who save you, you thought you could kill my brother and be safe? Varun says whats the proof that Devika killed him? Vasundra says proof is my brother’s deadbody which we have found, you will get arrested with her, I have a witness who saw you leaving Alek’s car there, all are stunned. She says you will be in case of trying to interrupt police investigation. Devika goes to get arrested but Varun says you are arresting wrong person, Devika didnt kill Alek, I have killed him. All are shocked. Devika emotionally looks at him. Dhani says why you are lying? you were not at home. Varun asks her to stop it. Dhani says you were drunk, you fainted and woke up next morning and then when we returned to lounge, Alek’s deadbody was here, Varun didnt kill Alek.. Devika says I have killed Alek, yes I murdered him, I should have told police before but I was scared. Vasundra slaps her. Dhani smirks. Vasundra says you killed my brother and tried to hide it, you will see what I do with you now, I will make your life hell that you will pray for death. She asks policeman to arrest her. Varun says Devika nothing will happen to you, I am with you, policemen pulls him away from Devika.. Varun tries to keep holding her hand, he says your Varun wont let anything happen to you. Devika says I trust you Varun. Devika is dragged away from him, she leaves house. Varun breakdowns. Dhani thinks my hardwork paid off. Flashback shows how Dhani made their video and sent it to Vasundra to get Devika arrested and away from Varun’s life.
Dhani comes to her room and looks at Varun’s photo, she says now he will have to become mine, I tried to be nice, told myself a lot but not anymore, nobody can stop you from being mine now. She hugs his photo. Kesar comes there. Dhani gets tensed. Kesar says I will do everything for my daughter’s happiness, I wont let you get defeated like I was, Devi took my right but I wont let Devika take your right, you will snatch your right, you will do it. Dhani gets emotional and hugs her.

Scene 2
Varun comes to meet Devika in jail. He sees her sadly sitting in her cell. Devika sees him and smiles. Varun caresses her face and says I will bring best lawyer for you, you did everything right, you attacked him in self defense. Devika says Vasundra doesnt care about that, she wants me to get punished for killing Alek, I dont think you can save me, dont worry about me.. you forget about me, move on in your life, start your life, you are a nice guy, you will get best girl. Varun says enough, dont say it again, you are the best girl for me, I want to be with you, I dont want anyone else, I know this is wrong and I will prove that you killed Alek to save yourself. Vasundra comes there and says how much are you both going to lie? She says to Devika that you didnt kill my brother in self defense but you planned to kill him, I have postmortem report and he didnt die from any injury but he was poisoned. Devika says but I was alone in house, he came to my house, he tried to rape me so I hit him with pot. Vasundra says dont lie, you called him at your house as there was no one there then you lured him and gave him poison, when he realized that, he got angry on you so you hit him with pot, this is truth I am going to prove in court, she leaves. Varun says to Devika that if Alek died because of poison then you didnt kill him, think what happened that night and tell me? Devika tells him everything. Varun says it means someone was in that house that night and that person is sending videos to Vasundra but I will find out who that person is, I will bring out truth to everyone, dont worry about anything, I am with you and will always be with you. He kisses her hands and leaves. Devika says I thought Alek died because of me but someone else killed Alek, who?

Varun says to Dhani that someone came in this house to give Alek poison, only family member can come inside easily, Dhani says all were out of house, I will help you to find out truth, Varun says I know I can trust you only in this. Dhani smiles and holds his hand. Varun looks on. Maasa comes there, Varun asks what you did? Maasa says I went to sleep that night, Varun says then you didnt come out of your room? Maasa glares at him and says why you are asking me that? you have doubt that I trapped Devika in this? are you crazy? I waited 18 years for this wealth and this happened before I got it, why would I send her to jail? I told everyone to remain silent but that policewoman is very clever and got to know about it, she found out of everything and send Devika to jail, I dont understand how will I get my property and when? she leaves. Dhani smirks.

Jaggu asks Varun if you have gone mad? I brought you here, why would I kill Alek? what will I get? I just want money for you and myself.

Varun says to Devika’s parents that I am sorry, I dont know who is framing Devika. Lajjo she was not with us, she left us at farmhouse and cameback at 4AM. Varun asks whom? Lajjo says Urmi, she was not with us whole night, she cameback after much time. Varun goes to talk to her. Dhani thinks that Urmi was missing that night, if Varun doubts her then he wont doubt the real culprit.

Varun drags Urmi to lounge and says you killed Alek and framed Devika. Urmi says what proof do you have? Varun says you left farmhouse that night, she says I had some work, he says at night? Maasa slaps her and says you have been trying to stop

my plan, she twists her hand and says I am not getting money because of all this, what did you do? Urmi says I am telling you I didnt kill Alek. Varun says you left farmhouse and came here that night, I can call that inspector and she can ask you her way. Urmi says I came home that night, I saw Alek but he was alive that time and I left. Varun asks why did you come at night here? Urmi says I have a student.. who works in trust which Adhiraj created for his will, he is Nikhil, after Devika gets money, trust will be closed, I just wanted to talk to him about that, I thought no one was home so I called him here but when we came here.. flashback shows. Urmi and Nikhil coming to house that night, she says we are here openly now, Nikhil says Devika will get money and trust will be closed but if Devika dies then trust will get money and we will get it, he gives poison to Urmi. Urmi sees aarti plate and Devika made to break her fast, she says Devika made it for her fast, she mixes poison in kheer and says she will die and now we will get money. She sees Alek coming there, she says once Devika dies then we will get this money, lets leave. They both leave. Flashback ends. Urmi says we left poisoned kheer there but when I came there in morning, that kheer was untouched, I dont know who killed Alek. Vasundra comes there and says lie.. I found out where that poison is sold and who bought it, she grabs Urmi and says you killed my brother, Nikhil bought it, he accepted that you gave poison to Alek. Urmi says no one ate that kheer. Vasundra says to Varun that I should have listened to you, your love is pure, even after so much plan, Devika is safe. Varun sees Devika coming there, he runs to her. They are happy to see each other. Urmi says I didnt kill Alek. Vasundra says you took my happiness from you, I will make your life hell. She drags Alek from there. Dhani recalls flashback.. Alek came home and was drinking wine that night, he drank that and felt dizzy. Dhani came there and thought that she had already mixed poison in wine so Alek will die and Devika will be blamed. Flashback ends. Dhani fumes in anger seeing Varun and Devika hugging.
Scene 2
Dhani comes to her room and says I killed Alek to separate them but they are together now. Kesar comes there and says dont worry. Dhani says I planned all this but this brought them so much closer that no one can come between them, do something, she cries and hugs her. Kesar thinks I wont let what happened with me happen with you.

Varun comes in lounge and sees Devika in saree and lighting up whole lounge. Devika smiles at him. Varun lovingly looks at her and comes to her. Devika says you know I was thinking how diya and baati gives light together and are empty without each other like us, you saved me from all troubles. She holds his hands and says you did so much for me, dont know if you were not with me then I would have died. Varun stops her.

He says we are starting new life so dont talk about death, I did everything for my life which is you, I did it for my heartbeat which beats for you. He pulls her closer and caresses her face