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I do on zee world, Friday 16th September 2022 update

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Saif hurriedly moves out, while sanam wonders where have they hidden shaad. Meanwhile, Shaad burns his ropes somehow and makes an escape, wearing murtaza’s jacket, after one of the men find out that he is missing, and he knocks him unconscious with an iron rod, as its the only way out. The men get on the search see shaad coming right in front of them, who claims that he is the lookalike, Murtaza.

I DO on zee world
I DO on zee world

they are baffled, but apologise nevertheless. shaad asks them to keep an eye on the shaad, as he is very clever. they comply. just then, the guy he had knocked unconscious, comes back, asking them to go after him. he walks past them with confidence. when the men go into check, they find shaad gone, and understand that it was the real shaad they met. They call up shashi, who is frustrated and hollers at them, that the first thing he shall do is go to the police station and then crash at the conference tomorrow, to spoil her plans, and asks them to nab him before that at any cost. sanam hears this and is relieved. Meanwhile, Shaad finds shashi’s men guarding the police station and thinks that he cant enter the station right now, as it isnt safe.

Meanwhile, Saif presents the jacket to nazia, who is skeptical of wearing it. But on shashi’s insistence, she dons it. Sanam wonders why are they forcing nazia to wear this jacket so much, and deduces that something is amiss. They both compliment nazia galore, and ask her to wear this at the conference tomorrow, where everyone is wearing a similar jacket. nazia complies. Sanam leaves from there, worried and tensed.

Scene 2
Location: International peace conference and ahil’s residence the guests start arriving, while sanam is dressed as a waiter, wanting to find out, whats going on so tremendous at this conference, that shaad would come here to stop it

she decides to meet shaad so that things can be clearer. Sanam accidentally spills water, on shashi’s feet, and she gets angry. before shashi can see her face, she bends down to avoid being seen and then turns around. shashi hollers at her for not apologising, and without turning around, she dons. Shashi reminds her that she is the mayor, and asks her to look at her in the eye, and then apologise. sanam thinks that if she does so, her plans would be ruined. She doesnt. Just then, the manager comes and apologises citing that this girl is new. The manager then hollers at her to get lost. she hurriedly leaves. shashi enters fuming. She goes inside. the manager then reprimands sanam for this mistake, and fires her, while she keeps pleading that this is direly needed for her. But they dont listen and she has to leave. she wonders whats shashi’s plan.

Just then, shaad enters, and she wonders if its shaad or the lookalike. She tries to ask the security guard to let her speak to shaad, but they dont listen and throw her out. she frustratedly leaves.

The new bride meanwhile is irritated that murtaza doesnt believe her. she wonders what to do, and then calls shashi, to let her know. but the mayor is too busy, responding to the press questions, hoping for a better relation between pak and india. Shaas meanwhile walks around, thinking that he would have to search jannat somehow. shashi casts her eyes at shaad walking past and is baffled. shaad thinks that the bomb is in nazia’s jacket, and hence all people have worn the same kind of jacket, to delude the guards to not let them know anything or suspect anything.meanwhile, Shashi meanwhile indirectly gives a message to saif, through her comment, to go after shaad but he doesnt understand. she wraps up her press meet and then rushes to take care of shaad. The new bride then dials saif’s number, but he too cancels. She wonders why are both not receiving the call. shashi and saif gather their men together.

Outside, sanam thinks that she has to reach to shaad anyhow. she changes her attire, and gets in the queue of visitors, but then finds that she doesnt have an entry pass and steals it from someone. He reports it to the guard but sanam has already gotten inside by then. Shashi and saif inside tell everyone of their men, to get hold of shaad or else their plan shall be ruined. One of the guards come and tell that a woman has come inside without a pass, referring to sanam, but they dismiss him off, saying that its a man. they dont believe the guard and send him off to find shaad instead.

Meanwhile, in the lounge, Nazia wonders why have they called her here if they had to be this busy. sanam spots nazia and then is about to go to her, when she stops seeing saif. Nazia says that she is feeling very hot in the jacket, but saif keeps giving an excuse. this again alarms sanam as to why are they insisting nazia to keep the jacket on, and think that something is wrong. meanwhile, shaad finds sanam in the crowd, and is happy to see her alive. He is about to go to her, when he finds shashi’s men around and stealthily leaves from there. shashi is happy to see nazia and hugs her. Sanam hears their talks from a distance. shashi and saif again insist her not to take the jacket off. Nazia complies. Sanam is boggled. shashi and saif evilly smile. sanam decides that she has to go after nazia to tell that something is about to happen. Shaad, in the balcony thinks that he would have to tell sanam about nazia being a human bomb, but wonders how to get to her. Shaad finds sanam standing in the queue of visitors, and then finds a writing pad, and scribbles a note, and then folds it and is about to holler at her, from the balcony, when he is stopped, as an injection is given down his throat by razia, and he immediately doses off into unconscious state and falls on the floor. she thinks that shaad isnt capable of ruining her long due efforts. she ducks him inside a stretcher serving table, and carries him obliviously, away. But she doesnt realise that the note has fallen off. Shashi expresses her concern to razia regarding shaad, and is told that shaad isnt a concern anymore. shashi and saif are super amused and think that now everything shall happen to the plan. She says that they have come for death, but not theirs, as they shall have to leave by the right time. shashi meanwhile eyes the note kept on the floor, and gives it to the waiter, to dispose it off. He complies. nazia waits to get entry in the line. sanam, a little behind her, tries to get to her, but is asked to step back in line. She is tensed. The note is kept on the waiter’s plate, and as he walks past the visitor’s queue, it sways off, and falls right on sanam’s feet. sanam eyes the paper note on the floor, tensedly.

Sanam reads shaad’s note after she picks it up, and is shocked to know of nazia as the human bomb. sanam looks at nazia, who is asked to take off her jacket at the security check, and she complies. sanam watches it tensedly, as it goes through the scanner. Even though the alarm beeps, the security doesnt pay attention deliberately. they check nazia and let her through. sanam too clears and rushes to nazia, asking her to take off the jacket. Nazia is tensed but complies. She asks what happened. sanam says that she shall clarify later. She asks nazia to leave immediately without telling anyone. nazia tries to call saif, but sanam asks her not to, as there’s some problem, and then makes her swear on ahil’s name, when she fidgets. She says that noone should know she has left. nazia complies, and sanam takes that jacket, but she is stopped by a personnel who asks her to wear the jacket, and go in. She complies. Meanwhile, saif and shashi frustratedly wait for nazia to enter. sanam enters and from behind, they assume that it must be nazia. they go off in peace. Sanam comes back out again. Sanam thinks that the bomb can go off anytime, and she came here to avenge her husband’s death and she wont stop at any cost. She overhears a reporter, who has been denied entry, and asks her to take this jacket, as that would ensure going anywhere, without any concern. She asks the reporter to stay clear of the security guards though. She agrees. sanam leaves.

Outside, shashi and saif wait for the car, and are oblivious that sanam is underneath it tampering with the wires. she barely escapes their sight once her work is done. they are doubtful of someone but nevertheless sit and drive off. On the way, saif feels warm and takes off his jaxcket. sahshi is angry that saif didnt maintain the car well, and that the Ac isnt working, nor is the car, when it stops suddenly. But fortunately they arrive at the house. They take the jacket and walk in.

Scene 2
Location: In the shed, International peace Convention and Shashi’s residence
Razia feels victorious as her men strap shaad back. She feels that another five minutes, and then she shall become the undisputed champion of crime and evil in the world.

Meanwhile, shashi and saif are feeling victorious and happy, to have successfully executed the plan. Shashi gets all of her phones out, and saif asks whats she doing. she says that she is waiting for congratulatory calls, which might come any minute now. the phone rings. shashi picks up excitedly. razia congratulates shashi, for her skill and accuracy. Shashi too commends her on being the mastermind. She tells that she has kept shaad at a different location, so that she can show him the video of the balst later and then get rid of him. they start with their countdown, for the blast to happen, and then shashi presses the trigger, and they both congratulate each other. Shashi again gets a call, and think that its another of the congratulatory call. She finds that its someone else, who asks if she should be addressed as the mayor or shashi kapoor. she is baffled, and asks who is it. her other phone rings, and she finds that its the new bride. the new bride asks why arent they picking up the phone, as their plan has failed. The other phone is still on hold. shashi refuses to believe. The new bride wonders why is noone believing, and then tells that sanam is alive. Shashi is shocked. she then goes onto the other phone, understanding that its sanam, who taunts if she finds it unbelievable. Sanam calls up shashi, who is dressed as the mayor, and tells her that the bomb laden jacket that she had given nazia to wear, isnt there at all. Shashi says that this cant be. sanam asks her to go and check, while she is on hold. Shashi calls the security guards, who after checking the face of the reporter who wears the jacket, tells shashi that the girl isnt there. shashi is shocked. she takes sanam’s call, who asks if she believes her now. Shashi hurriedly and tensedly asks where is it, and what she did with it. The alarm beep of the bomb starts ringing, and shashi is told that the bomb is in her house itself, as the sound is coming in her house only, and that its in shaad’s jacket. shashi is scared and with terror, eyes the jacket kept on the bed, casually. She cancels the call. Its revealed as to how she switched off the jacket, when she had it with herself. shashi jumps out the window, and saif is boggled asking whats the matter, as in the next second, the xplosion happens. sanam views this from outside the mansion. Sanam prays for forgiveness from the lord, for having taken lives, but he too knows that such people need to be destroyed. she says that she has just one motive, to kill her husband’s murderers, and the way she has had her life ruined by them, she wont spare them at al, and give them a torturous death.

At the peace convention, the MC thanks the mayor who was responsible solely for the successful conduction of this convention, to bridge gaps between India and Pakistan. He calls for the mayor, but he along with other guests are baffled as to where is she.

In her house, as its burnt down to ashes, Shashi recounts the horrific manner in which tables turned, killing saif, while the police investigate the area. she looks around at the blood stained shirt that saif ws wearing right before the death. She clutches at it, and breaks down, remembering her moments with saif. She cries incoherently. The police comforts the mayor. She says that she wont spare who did this. he asks if she knows who did this. She says that it was due to a faulty cylinder burst. the police understand that she is lying, but she sticks to her statement. the police leaves. Shashi says that she would have to bear the brunt of it, as shashi is undefeated and knows how to take her revenge.

meanwhile, sanam along with nazia holds a prayer reading in commemoration of ahil. Nazia breaks down and hugs sanam, who composes herself to be able to assure nazia. later, sanam burns saif’s pic, signifying that its one enemy less, while she eyes the new bride’s, murtaza and shashi’s pics at the wall. She eyes the pics and says that she shall settle scores with each and every one of them. Sanam thinks that those who burn in the fury and fire of revenge, no fire can burn them, but it definitely burns everyone else involved.

the new bride hears the news of saif’s death, along with gazalla and latif, on the Tv, as being due to a cylinder blast. she turns around and asks gazalla and matif if they believe it now, that sanam is alive, as she is behind this. she then thinks that she should tell murtaza. she thinks that before sanam’s fury of revenge burns them all, she would have to go and meet her.

Scene 2:
Location: Shashi’s residence
All come to console shashi, regarding saif’s death. when razia comes, she bares out her heart that she couldnt even find pieces of him to bury. she breaks down. Razia comes to comfort her too, and she breaks down in front of her, saying that saif was like her pampererd brother, who got every wish of his fulfilled, the only thing close to family that she had. razia tells her that he died a martyr and that his sacrifice shall not go in vain at all. she tells shashi that this isnt the time to cry or grieve, but stand up and act. she says that she shall find out who failed their mission and killed saif, and then that person shall die a torturous death. The new bride comes and says that she knows who did this. Shashi stands and asks who did. She says its sanam, and razia and shasshi are shocked. She tells about sanam’s threat. they are shocked. She says that they have neglected her once and they paid the price,but if they dont believe her still, they would pay a huge price. shashi remembers the blast, and believes that the new bride is right, as it felt like sanam talking on the phone. razia thinks that if this is correct, then they would have to find out if ahil is alive or not. All are tensed. razia leaves. shashi asks where’s murtaza.

When they grab him, shashi puts a revolver on his head asking why should she spare him, when he didnt complete their task. he deftly snatches the rvolver, and says that he can kill her rightaway, but wont. The new bride is furious, and says that he didnt finish the task and thats the bottomline, and that sanam was seen by her, and shashi heard her. murtaza says that he hasnt seen, as if sanam was alive, then she would have come after him first. shashi says that this wish shall be fulfilled too. the new bride says that sanam had a talk and then sent a message too. shashi says that shaad cant do this, as he wants her alive, and wouldnt have done this fatal attempt. murtaza gets frustrated. the new bride asks if he is so sure, then why are the dead bodies not found. just then, a person from razia’s army, comes and says that they found the dead bodies matching the description of ahil and sanam. murtaza is super happy and amused. the new bride asks if he saw the faces, and the man says that its unrecognisable. The new bride says that this could be her deception too. they enter into a verbal scuffle, and shashi ends it, saying that whoever is behind this, wont be spared. She is in a rage.

Scene 3:
Location: In the shed
In the shed, razia’s men beat up shaad, while he is tied. Shashi comes and amusingly asks them to stop. she taunts that shaad is still smiling. he taunts that he is happy that her mission failed. she asks him not to take her failure for his victory. She says that by blasting her house, he made the mistake of his life. She says that now she shall avenge saif’s death by killing him. she says that even the Indian govt, sympathises with her, and has granted her leave, and when she returns, the city shall be rattled by a abad bomb explosion. she says that she plans to turn sanam mad, after she gets to know of his death. Shaad asks her to keep sanam away from this. But shashi says that she would have to pay the price of taking shashi head on. he is angry and still ask her to keep jannat away from this. She chides him, and says that she was confused, whether sanam is alive or not, but his concern for her, confirmed that she is alive. She says that luck shall not favour her always, and maybe she saved nazia, but how would she save herself. shashi is surprised to hear this. shashi says that his and sanam’s life shall end, and her new beginning shall start afresh. he is speechless. She asks if he is scared, and then notices that he has gone unconscious and pale, and decides that he cant die like this.

She hollers at the men to arrange for medical care. just then, someone saying hello alarms shashi, and she turns around to find shaad smiling, who has actually called the Pakistan intelligence, and his friend’s wife, with shashi’s phone, when she went into panic mode and got distracted. He says that he forgot completely that he can enact and fake his own death, due to military training. He says that she cant spoil his motives, and that he shall hunt her to death. he says that even after death, he shall be with his Jannat. she takes off the phone from his hand and throws it away, while crushing the phone. shaad says that its too late now. Shaad says that he has already called the intelligence and that she cant escape from here now. He says that her game is over. Shaad tells shashi on the phone, that her plans are coming to an end, as in the end definitely, the good has to conquer over evil. She is frustrated, while he is happy. the men ask her if they should kill him. she denies. shashi says that she shall not give him an easy death, and that she would torture him. they untie him and leave, while there’s a CCTV on the building.

Scene 4:
Location: Undisclosed
meanwhile, sanam gives tickets to australia to nazia, and asks her to leave, to ensure and the child’s safety. nazia asks about her, and she says that she is here with ahil all the time, and the power of love keeping them safe. she asks her to focus on herself and the baby. Nazia says that she doesnt even want this child, as everytime she thinks of it, she is reminded of how mean saif was and how he ruined her family. sanam asks her not to think so, as the child isnt to be blamed, and he would grow up, to be what she raises him to be. nazia says that she shall wait for her. She leaves. sanam says that she too waits for the next move now.

Scene 5:
Location: Pakistani Army Base
The pakistani army officer says to another officer that now she is sure that the call came from shaad only, and that he was delieberately trying to cover some mesage that she has to decipher. she tries to remember his words, and wonders what the code could be. she remembers that he said he would be with his jannat even after death, and instantly begins to wonder where’s jannat. She asks him to track the number the call came from, and the officer says that he was already on it. They get working.

Scene 6
Location: Ahil’s residence
Murtaza is taking a bath in the swimming pool, while the new bride walks beside tensed and worried, lost in her thoughts. He asks her to come inside. She angrily lashes that she cant think he is so shameless, as his one mistake spoiled everything for them. he continues to leer at her, asking her to come closer to show her anger, and suggests seductively to come close. She sits beside the swimming pool, with her feet in the water. he smiles at her evilly, and then says that he cant stop flirting.

She instigates him and he catches her with a grip, and lunges her inside the pool. They get face to face close, with their lips almost touching. sanam eyes them in consternation, reminded of her promise.