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Aniya Wayans Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Parents, Siblings, Live Now, Net worth

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aniya wayans biography age boyfriend parents siblings live now net worth


Who is Aniya Wayans? 

Aniya Wayans is a celebrity family member and celebrity youngster, well-known for being the daughter of Damon Wayans Jr. and Aja Metoyer. Damon Wayans is a famous American film actor, comedian, and writer. According to a source, Damon is known for playing the character Eliza Coupe in Happy Endings and opposite Zooey Deschanel in New Girl. 

Aja Metoyer, on the other hand, is a reality star. In this article, I will share Aniya Wayans’ biography, career, age, parents, siblings, net worth, boyfriend, and a few other things you probably didn’t know about her. Before we continue, let’s take a quick look at her profile.

Profile summary

Name Aniya Wayans
Age 17 years
Date of birth September 30, 2004
Zodiac Libra
Father Damon Wayans Jr.
Mother Aja Metoyer
Siblings Amara Wayans
Xavier Zechariah Wade
Nationality American
Net worth unknown

Aniya Wayans Biography 

Aniya Wayans was born on September 30, 2004, in her home country, the United States of America. She celebrated her 17th birthday in September 2021, so she has Libra as her zodiac or birth sign. She has a black skin color, belongs to the Afro-American ethnic group, and holds American nationality by birth. 

Aniya was born in Los Angeles, California, part of the US. And was raised along with her other siblings, whose name we gathered is Amara Wayans, and who sources say is two years old than her. Also, she has a half-brother whom her mother gave birth to on November 10, 2013, after she divorced Aniya’s father. Xavier Zechariah Wade is his name. 

Aniya Wayans Education 

Aniya Wayans attended her elementary and high schools in one of the famed schools in the neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. There, she obtained her elementary graduate certificate and her high school diploma. Oh, and we do not have any information about whether or not she was an undergrad student at the time. 

Aniya Wayans Career 

For someone whose parents are famous, Aniya Wayans rose to notoriety as soon as she was born, or rather, as soon as her parents announced her birth to the public. She is presumed to have a career as a social media personality because she has accumulated over 14k thousand followers on the social media app Instagram.

Her father, Damon Wayans Jr., is a famous American film actor, comedian, and writer who has achieved quite a great deal of success since his career in the industries started. On the other hand, her paternal grandfather, Damon Wayans, is a famous American comedian who was more prominent during his early years in the entertainment industry. 

Oh, and her mother isn’t left out. Aja Metoyer is the name of Aniya Wayans’ mother. She is an American reality star who is now a model and social media influencer/personality. 

Aniya Wayans Age, Birthday, Nationality 

Aniya Wayans was 17 years old. She celebrates her birthday on September 30, and so has Libra as her zodiac or birth sign. She holds American nationality by birth, practices the Christian form of religion, and belongs to the Afro-American ethnic group. 

Aniya Wayans Instagram 

Wayans has two accounts on the picture and video-sharing app Instagram. On her @aniya.wayanss Instagram account, she has over 14k thousand followers and above 1k thousand followers on her @carebare.kyle.444. She mostly shares pictures and short videos of herself on Instagram. 

Aniya Wayans Siblings, Parents, Divorced? 

Technically, Aniya Wayans has one sibling whose name we gather is Amara Wayans. Born in 2002, Amara Wayans is about two years older than Aniya. Also, Aniya has a half-brother whom Aja’s relationship with Wade produced. Xavier Zechariah Wade is his name, and he was born on November 10, 2013. 

Still, regarding relationships and family, Damon Wayans is the name of her paternal grandfather, and Melissa Metoyer is the name of her maternal aunt. Like Aniya’s mom, Melissa Metoyer is a reality TV star. Side by side, Damon Wayans is Aniya’s father’s name, whereas Aja Metoyer is her mother’s name. 

Although her parents are now divorced, the love-duo Damon Wayans Jr. and Aja Metoyer were childhood friends. When Aniya’s mom was twelve years old, they met each other and started as just friends. Damon Wayans Jr. got married to Samara Saravia after he divorced Aja.

Aniya Wayans Height, Weight 

Aniya Wayans stood five feet three inches above the ground and weighed 52 kilograms. Aniya Wayans has body measurements of 34, 24, and 35 inches, with a black-colored hair type and a black-colored pair of eyes. Speaking of body looks, still, Aniya had a trim figure and was in good shape. 

Aniya Wayans Boyfriend 

After Le Bron James Jr. commented on one of her Instagram posts in 2020, folks on the internet carried rumors that the duo was in a relationship. However, Aniya Wayans and her supposed boyfriend, Le Bron James Jr., have maintained a quiet stance about the rumors. Now, whether or not Aniya is in a romantic relationship or has a boyfriend is obscure. 

Aniya Wayans Net worth 

Aniya Wayans’ net worth is yet to be reviewed. Unlike her, her father, Damon Wayans Jr., has an estimated net worth of about $9 million.

Where Does Aniya Wayans Live Now? Residential Address 

After her parents, Damon Wayans Jr. and Aja Metoyer, went their different paths, Aniya’s mom took custody of her and her sister, Amara Wayans. According to our findings, Aniya Wayans lives in California with her mother, sister, and half-brother.