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The Blood Moon Episode 16

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The Blood Moon max tv

Tristan’s aunt demands an explanation from Tristan as to why he is moving out, he gives her some money from the depth he is owing. Aunt Betty was curious as to what was going on with Tristan.

From there, Tristan took Miyo’s help to find a place in his/her community for a place to rent.

Supremo tells his subordinates that they will continue their search for Malia because he won’t let her ruin his plans, he then tells them their next target “Senator Maliari”

Prof. T ( PT) gets a message informing him about Supremo’s next target and he looks on.

Miyo and Tristan get into a blow with the town folks, but before they could fight Berto came there and asked them to pass through him first, they were so scared of Berto that they apologized and leaves there. Berto tells Tristan and Miyo not to worry because is safe.

He brings Tristan and Miyo home and Dory gave Tristan an idea of an apartment out for rent and he decided to check it out.

At home, Aunt summer and her sisters discuss in disagreement with Tristan moving out because they won’t get his trust fund he will inherit when he turns 21 if he moves out so they decided to come up with a list of dept so he can use all his trust funds to pay them. On the other hand, Aunt Betty and the rest were packing their stuff to move out when she came across Tristan’s werewolf fang.

Supremo forces Nognog to bite and kill a setting woman they have captured but he fails to do so which made Supremo angry.

After checking out his new home with Miyo and heading to his Aunt’s place to pick up his family Tristan asked Miyo if he is gay, he added that he asked because Miyo has been staring at him lately and he won’t have a problem with him being gay but he should be honest and tell him. Miyo replies that he only stares at him because of his rush in moving out, she added that Tristan might not share with him/her but she knows he has bigger problems. Their conversation continues…

It turns out that the new home Tristan rented belongs to Madamstar the future teller. Dory gives her the down payment and she thanks her for showing Tristan around because she wasn’t able to do it due to her busy schedule.

Later that day, Tristan meets up with other moonchasers and informs them about moving out and they all decided to help and make sure that no one (Lemuel) will follow him there.

Jake returns to Baristo and Cattleya, they were happy to meet him once again.

Tristan and his family are moving out, Doc wants a holiday to help Betty but Aunt summer Disagree. Tristan bids everyone goodbye and leaves with his family.

Kuto and Lisa together with their family tease Miyo because he has finally made friends in the neighborhood which are Tristan, Dory, and Berto also thank Miyo for helping them with their dept.

Tristan and his family arrive at their new home and they questioned him as to why they moved out so quickly but he came up with a rent excuse. Later, Aunt Betty asked Tristan about the Feng she found in his belongings but he came up with a lie about Marshall arts, as their conversation continues Tristan asked Betty if he know how his father used to be good when it comes to fighting but Aunt Betty ignored the question and asked Tristan to keep the Feng safe.

In their cage, Jethro continues to see the prophecy and was about to reveal something to Veruska but someone came there with food, Jethro managed to drive the person from there by making noise.

At night, Tristan goes on a routine check at his new home to see if everyone is safe before going to bed (Sofa) he promised not to let any harm come to his family.

PT and a lady behind a computer go through all the abilities of the moonchasers members and he told the lady that they could let Piolo go since he doesn’t contribute anyway to the group, he also tells her that Tristan is special and he knows Tristan is hiding something they could use to their advantage in future.

Jethro reveals to Veruska that the prophecy is not just about Malia but there is one other person they need to look for and to do that they must escape from Supremo’s den.

The next morning, Aunt Betty wakes up Tristan because there is someone at the door, when he opens it turns out to be Miyo and family with a fest welcoming them to the neighborhood.

Linuningning gets a message telling her to join the team of “Youtopia” ( Supremo’s new team) she was asked to reply to the message only if she want to join the team and she did which made Supremo happy.

Tristan and Miyo were having a chat about his family’s dept when Miyo saw Jake around so he leaves from there to meet Jake, he was angry as to how Malia/Miyo was too close with Tristan. Jake gave Malia a phone with everyone’s contact saved on it so she can reach out to the others through a phone call.

The moonchasers came to a place where some individuals are having serious training which looks dangerous to them. PT comes there and tells them they will be starting training with moonchasers from other units. Tristan was absent so PT thought he quit, Piolo called him but he was at the hospital accompanying his grandfather.

They were still talking when PT snatched Piolo’s phone away and asked him to leave if he is not ready for the training. Tristan looks on hearing them.

Miyo came to sell corn once again at SMV, he asked his customers if he can go sell his corn inside but they told him is impossible because only rice-meal sellers have the slightest chance of selling inside, the episode ends with Miyo Turing to have a look at the SMV. Whiles in the next episode, Miyo enters SMV and comes face-to-face with Supremo in an elevator. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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