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Anupama on starlife, Sunday 25th September 2022 update

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anupama series
anupama series

Kavya eagerly waits for news paper while Anu performs tulsi pooja and hopes Mansi Jain gave a good review of their cafeteria. News paper man delivers news paper, Kavya snatches it from Anu and rushes in calling Vanraj. Whole family gathers. Vanraj gets angry after reading the review and throws news paper. Kavya reads next and shouts at Anu for blaming her for a bad review. Anu asks why she is shouting when she is standing her. Kavya shouts they got a 2 star review because of Anu’s bad tasting food.

Vanraj says its not Anu’s mistake as Mansi has clearly written that food was good, but the owner was very irritating and self-obsessed who was boasting about her grandmother’s recipes while she herself doesn’t know anything about cooking and hence Anu and Baa got 1 star each and minus 3 because of Kavya. Baa comments that people say they will bring stars for the lover, Kavya brought him -3 stars and ruined his business. Bapuji says there is no use blaming Kavya. Vanraj says he warned Kavya not to overdo, but her self-obsessive behavior ruined his cafe’s reputation.

Samar gets his fiend’s messages and surprised says oh no. Vanraj asks he cannot hear anymore bad news. Samar says its a good news and plays video blogger Kiara’s review on TV. Anu identifies the blogger as the cute short-haired customer. Kiara praises that they feel comfortable like home and praises its food and especially Anu who made her feel like a family. She continuously praises Anu with her long review and then Vanraj’s singing and their friendly bonding even after a divorce. Toshu asks who informed Kiara about Anu and Vanraj’s divorce. Baa says she must have overheard her and her friends’ conversation. Kiara ends her review saying what youngster cannot an uncle and aunty did and gives 5/5 stars. Nandini enters to inform about review and young customers’ approach. Family congratulates Anu. Kavya stands burning in jealousy.

Vanraj taunts Kavya that she is jealous of Anu, but should chill. Kavya brainwashes him that its sad that its his loss as Kiara took only Anu’s name and he is nowhere, he and his whole family are habituated to Anu’s help that they cannot manage if she is not present. Vanraj warns her to stop. Kavya continues that he took care of Anu for 25 years and now she is taking care of him in everything, etc. He says Kavya is her friend and friends help each other. She says she doesn’t want him to be under the burden of Anu’s help, she had married a man who used to help others but got a man who is taking help now, she wants her V back who was his own man and used live and win for himself.

Samar excitedly praises Anu while she cooks that Kiara’s video reached 1 lakh views and will soon reach 10 lakhs and 1 crore views, then she will be a brand of her own with her brand accessories and clothes and then she and Baa will rock; they are getting good publicity. Anu says in a world where people don’t befriend family, they befriend strangers on social media. He says they got a good publicity of their cafe. She says someone is hurt though. He says he knows Kavya is hurt. She says she is talking about Mr Shah as the most delicate thing in the world is a man’s ego and its hurt the most first.

Baa decorates halwa. Bapuji says its smelling pleasant. Vanraj passes by and informs Baa that he is going to cafe. Baa asks him to have sweets and go. He says she should feed sweets to Anu as she became more famous than cafe. They all sense his frustration. Bapuji comments via an old song that people cannot hear good. Samar says Mr Shah shouldn’t have reacted like this.

Toshu sees pent house’s keys in Kinjal’s purse and gets happy thinking Kinjal agreed to shift from Shah House. Kinjal enters room. He hugs her happily and romances her. She notices pent house and asks if he thought she agreed to stay in pent house. He says yes. She says for his happiness, they will stay in penthouse during alternate weekends as she wants to spend 1 weekend with family and 1 weekend alone in penthouse. He gets angry and warns her that he wants to shift to penthouse permanently and gives her 2 days to think.

In cafe, Vanraj tells chef that they cannot take Anu’s help daily. Anu walks in and asks what did he say to Baa. He rudely ignoring her. She asks to speak to her properly when she is and asks if he is angry that Kiara praised her instead, she didn’t want to enter his cafe at all but seeing him need, she helped him. He thanks her for help and says she wants more views and likes for her praise. Anu says whether she gets views or likes, she should get some conscience so that she can remember his rude behavior and stop helping him hereon, he couldn’t follow their relationship and now cannot follow their friendship, so they will act as friends at home and professionals here. He says he doesn’t take anyone’s favor and will pay her cafe’s rent after 1 month.

Vanraj tells Anu that he doesn’t take any favors and will pay her rent after a month. Anu asks where has the question of rent come from. Kavya says wherever it has come from, they will pay her rent. Anu says this karkhana/factory belongs to Bapuji. Vanraj says Bapuji gave it to Anu and hence he will pay her rent. She says fine and walks away. Kavya smirks thinking Vanraj was boasting about friendship, but nothing is important than a man’s ego. Baa gives debit card and bills to Bapuji and asks him to pay them as children are busy at work.

Bapuji says one is valued until he/she works or else will be valued lesser than a furniture. She asks why he looks angry. He says because of Vanraj, what he did yesterday was wrong, he took Anu’s help when needed and now is showing attitude, they cannot handle both arrogant son and daughter-in-law, they pamper sons so much and give them importance that they ignore daughter’s hard work, etc. She asks him to calm down as she will speak to Vanraj. Bapuji says she should or else if he does, Vanraj will not like; he doesn’t want Vanraj to trouble Anu.

At cafe, Vanraj angrily orders chef Manoj to learn preparing dishes like Anu as their cafe became famous now. Manoj asks if he is tensed. Vanraj shouts that’s none of his business and then apologizes. Kavya consoles him and says everything will be alright. Vanraj blasts her next that Anu got praises because of her self-obsessive behavior and she didn’t even mention his name during cafe review. Samar gets angry hearing about Vanraj offering rent and says they get a thank you for help in return, but we are getting rent; she should take market rate rent from Mr Shah and not spare him. Anu says people who try to pull others down will fall in their own pit. Two media journalists visit cafe and tell Vanraj and Kavya that they are from a Gujrati news channel who cover social cause news and after seeing their cafe’s video review, they came to take Vanraj and his ex-wife Anus’ interview to show that couples can be friends after divorce. Kavya says ex-wife is not here, so they should take current wife’s interview. They say may be next time, they will interview her when they cover second wife. Kavya angrily says she is not second.

They say they want to show how an ex-wife can help her ex-husband both morally and financially. Vanraj he cannot give the interview as this place belongs to his father and not his ex-wife and he took just a moral support as he doesn’t take anyone’s financial support. Kavya says sorry that their idea failed. They walk discussing that Vanraj’s ego is hurt as husbands can never accept wife’s help. Vanraj gets angry and asks them to speak on his wife. They warn him that his arrogance will get him negative publicity and he may have to shut his cafe. Vanraj shouts he is not afraid of threats. Anu hearing that thinks Vanraj cannot change at all and his ego is hurt again.

A government official visits cafe and gives 20 lakhs property tax notice to Vanraj pending since years. He gets tensed and walks to dance academy but backs off remembering his rent issue. Anu while teaching students notices him. Kavya calls Vanraj while curtain shopping and he asks to choose the colors herself. Samar notices Vanraj tensed and informs Anu that he looks tensed after he received a letter, but she shouldn’t help him as its not related to them. She asks what if its related to even them.

Rakhi tells Toshu that when there is a problem at home, it affects whole family; its good that he gave ultimatum to Kinjal to shift from Shah house, she should be out of Shah house even with sorrows and will soon forget Shah family. Toshu asks what if Kinjal will not as she is emotionally attached to his family more than himself. She says he should use love as a weapon like Anu if not anger to convince Kinjal, should speak to family tonight and even she will be present there.

Anu notices academy’s exit door closed. Samar says its their naught student Akshat’s mischief and asks him to open it from outside. Samar opens cafe door and walks out. Tax bill flies and falls in front of Anu. Anu gets tensed reading 20 lakhs tax notice. On the other side, Kavya returns home after shopping. Baa offers her water and jokes with her, offers tea and headache balm. Kavya says coffee. Pakhi excitedly informs her about her dance competition’s dress selection. Kavya says she is having headache and doesn’t want to listen to her as she is having headache. Pakhi walks aside. Baa says her mother had also come home tired and she shouldn’t have showed attitude to her mother. Pakhi says she understood Kavya, but mummy loves only Toshu, Kinjal, Samar, and Nandini.

Anu panics seeing 20 lakhs tax notice and asks Vanraj if they can pay it in installments. He says they need to pay it in 1 month. She says this tax invoice cannot shatter their dreams.

He says this care is a ray of hope for him and he will break down if it shuts down. She encourages him to be courageous.